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Wild Landings: SHW Maiden Odyssey Episode 1

Wild Landings channel features aviation adventures in Africa and around the world with Sling Aircraft founders James Pitman and Mike Blyth. Imagine a series of road movies without the limitations of the road. The sky isn't the limit!

James and Mike’s adventures in Slings continue. In the spirit of their 2009 and 2013 global circumnavigations in the prototype Sling 2 and Sling 4 aircraft, now they fly the prototype Sling 4 High Wing, ZU-SHW, to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh and beyond. But this time it’s different – it’s not only James and Mike, and it’s not only ZU-SHW – this time it’s three aircraft and a team of six!

Sling High Wing - the newest addition to the iconic range of Sling Aircraft.

Featuring all the great Sling handling characteristics combined with the inherent stability of the classic high-wing design. Added to this, all the latest modern-day design safety features, including ballistic parachute recovery system, low workload Garmin glass cockpit, efficient and powerful 141 hp Rotax 915 iS turbocharged powerplant and Airmaster Constant Speed Propeller.

The extra-large cabin features wide, easy-access doors, superb four-seat ergonomics and best-in-class comfort and quality. The removable rear seats increase the already generous baggage area providing a great utility platform.

An outstanding four-seat high-performance aircraft which will happily cruise long distances at 142 knots or take you and your family to your favourite backcountry destination. Available in a tricycle and taildragger variants.




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