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Hi there and welcome to the Flightline Weekly Family

My name is Garth Calitz, Flightline Weekly has been a dream of mine for many years. I have been working as a freelance Photographer /Journalist for many of the South African Aviation publications and finally took the decision to start an online aviation magazine. The hero of the magazine will always be Photography of the highest quality. I hope you enjoy spending time with us catching upon the latest Aviation news.

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Abri Kriegler

Born in 1968 in Cape Town, South Africa. Right from the start I was exposed to aircraft and aviation due to my father being a pilot for the South African Air force. My interest and passion in aircraft and all things aviation continued to grow during my younger years. I have been involved in aviation for most of my life and photography for the last 15 years. I live by the philosophy of “Learn the rules of photography, and then learn how to adjust / break them”.
I have been fortunate to cover aviation events, both locally and abroad and hope for many more to come.


Rob Russell (Cape Town) 

Employed by the Dept of Transport, as an Air Traffic Controller in 1994 the function of Air Traffic Service was taken over by Air Traffic and Navigation Services Ltd. 

I have worked as an Air Traffic Controller at the Cape Town ATC Centre, at Cape Town Airport. My duties included aerodrome control and approach control. I was also trained as an Instructor (1997) and was involved in OTJ instruction. 

The highlight of my career was the opportunity to be able to assist in developing procedures and control during the 1995 Rugby World Cup and 2010 Soccer World Cup tournaments. It is doubtful that we will ever have the chance to handle so many aircraft and flights as happened during the Soccer World Cup

Trevor Cohen.

I was born in 1973. This probably makes me the youngest member of Flightline Weekly. My passion for aircraft came from flying commercially with my family up and down from Cape town as a child as my father was transferred to Johannesburg while. I can clearly remember crawling under the seats of 707's and looking up at the tail of them on the apron at Jan smuts in those days. As I grew older my love for space naturally grew and for me the biggest thrill must be to stand on another piece of rock and to see your own planet while listening to ones own heart beat. I don't have children so I cannot comment. I taught myself to develop my own pictures at school and that's where my love for photography started. The thrill of watching our brilliant aviators in action makes the early mornings, late nights and many miles well worth it.

I have only been taking aerial photography seriously for the last 5 years.  


Rayno Snyman

Since a child, I have been an avid lover for all things aviation. I was introduced to this field by my father who had a great passion for aviation. I remember spending so many days in my childhood at airshows and museums, admiring the Buccaneer and Shackleton. My photography journey started as a kiddo with a film camera and a standard video recorder. I loved taking photos of the magnificent aircraft in history and aviation photography books. I guess I never stopped. Ever since I have dreamt of a career in aviation and continue working towards that dream every day. Being recognised and part of Flightline Weekly is a great honour and I can’t wait to see what new exciting aviation adventures it will bring.

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Dian Townsend 

Although aircraft maintenance has become my career, aviation is so much more than that for me. My passion for aviation has always been my driving force in life, with my fellow enthusiasts and especially photographers becoming like family in later years. I've been shooting aviation since my primary school days and challenge myself to not only take the best photos I can but to tell the stories from our aviation family each time I pick up my camera.

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Timothy Homan

I am an aviation enthusiast who has captured the beauty of flight since 2022. My love for aviation was deeply influenced by my father, who spent seven years in the Air Force. At age 5, my father took me to the Swartkop Airshow, igniting a lifelong passion for aircraft and photography.

My journey in aviation photography has been shaped by hands-on experience and a genuine desire to learn. From the thrill of airshows to the quiet moments on the tarmac, I’ve dedicated myself to understanding the nuances of capturing flight whether it’s the graceful curves of vintage warbirds or the cutting-edge technology of modern jets.

Currently, I work at Springbok Aviation alongside Captain Flippie Vermeulen and his family of aviators. Their mentorship and camaraderie have been invaluable, and I consider it a tremendous privilege.


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