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The New SLING TSI - With Rotax 916 IS, MT-Propeller and Beringer Wheelset

The Sling Aircraft Story is nothing short of remarkable, who would have ever thought that the two “Adventures”, a socially acceptable way of saying insane, that left Johannesburg on a winter afternoon to circumnavigate the world in a small two-seater aircraft way back in 2009 would now have sold over 1000 aircraft all over the world.

Following the performance of ZU-TAF over the world’s oceans at more than 50% over MAUW, it was clear that with a turbocharged engine, the aircraft would work well as a 4-seater. So the Sling 4 followed (and in turn circumnavigated the globe in 2011). The Sling Taildragger followed close behind and, with the introduction of the Rotax 915 and 916 iS engine, the Sling TSi, and finally the Sling High Wing which marks Sling Aircraft’s most modern and effective machine to date.

The question that all the members of the Sling family constantly ask is What Next? And one answer always resonates: More. More speed. More capability. More power. More capacity. The Sling TSi encompasses all of these qualities and has become an aircraft with an uncompromising mission: To offer unrivalled performance, safety, comfort and reliability to any pilot, no matter the mission. The Sling TSi is not simply more aircraft. It is more of all the reasons you fly.

Based on the indisputable success of the Rotax 915 iS engine, the Rotax turbocharged and FADEC 916 iS offers increased power, the best power-to-weight ratio in its class, full take-off power (160 hp) up to 15,000 feet and a service ceiling of 23,000 feet which can all be attributed to the turbocharged engine.

In addition, MT Propellers are hydraulic propellers now available with their patented feathering and/or reverse system and can be equipped with electric de-ice boots. The single-piece hub is made from forged or solid aerospace aluminium alloy. It is corrosion-protected and the hub's outside can be additionally painted for sea applications.

With an operating cost of just over R1000/hr and burning under 30 litres per hour of MOGAS, the Sling TSi is the fast, efficient, economical cruiser of the modern age.

In addition, for those currently building a Sling TSi kit as well as those already soaring with a Sling TSi, the 916 Upgrade Kit is now available for purchase. These kits are being manufactured and packed as we speak to start shipping from the factory globally from the first week of February 2024.

Introducing Beringer Brakes. These cutting-edge brakes boast a global reputation for exceptional reliability, recognised across diverse motorsports disciplines. Featuring advanced 6’’ HE wheels with Single HE 2 piston calliper Aerotec® patent, coupled with cooling fins, sintered pads and floating discs, this braking system is meticulously designed for optimal performance. Complemented by Michelin tubeless tyres, these components collectively embody the pinnacle of technical excellence.

In a continued effort to ensure safety in our aircraft, Sling Aircraft and BRS Aerospace have collaborated to integrate their whole aircraft ballistic recovery system in Sling TSi aircraft models. The BRS parachute system is deployed in life-threatening situations by a rocket to slow the aircraft and then lower it and the occupants to the ground in a slow and safe descent. The parachute and solid propellant ballistic rocket assembly are enclosed in a canister mounted inside the fuselage that is activated manually by the pilot.

In an effort to prove the speed and abilities of the new Sling Tsi James Pitman (Joint CEO) was joined by Mike Blyth (Director and Founder) challenged Andrew Pitman (Joint CEO) to a race from their factory at Tedderfield Airpark to Spier Wine Farm in Stellenbosch. James and Mike would fly direct to Stellenbosch Airfield and cycle ( on two of Sling's own bicycles) to Spier, while James would have to drive to OR Tambo International, fly on a commercial B737 to Cape Town and drive to Spier. To find out how this played out please watch the video.




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