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SA Get its third Extra 330 SC

Nigel Hopkins started the ball rolling when he purchased an Extra 330 SC after his MX2 shed a wing while practising for the 2015 world Unlimited Championship in France. Barrie Eeles was the second proud South African to own an Extra 330 SC and earlier this month Eugene Du Preez took delivery of his stunning new machine.

The Extra 330SC is arguably the world’s premiere aerobatic competition and air show aircraft. Produced by Extra Aircraft of Germany, the 330SC is lighter, faster and more manoeuvrable than any other aircraft of this type.

The main difference between the 330SC and its predecessor the Extra 300 is its wing design. The new wing and increased manoeuvrability and even faster roll rate and gives the pilot the ability to take their air show performance to an even higher level of extreme aerobatics. The Extra tumbles and rolls at awe inspiring rates in almost any attitude.

The Extra 330 SC is powered by a Lycoming AEIO-580-B1A, 6 cylinder engine. The AE IO-580 is a custom built high compression engine and delivers 315 hp to the Muehlbauer, MTV 9-B-C/C198-25, 3-blade propeller.

To keep this thirsty beast happy it is equipped with two fuel pumps, one of which is engine driven and the other electric. All 330 SC’s are equipped with a factory fitted Smoke system, with automatic filling system, the smoke oil is fed into a Gomolzig, 6-in-1 exhaust system.

The Airframe consists of Carbon fibre wing assembly with integral tanks and carbon composite empennage structure. The fuselage is manufactured from 1.7734 steel with a single seat bubble canopy cockpit located behind a Titanium firewall. All the pushrods are constructed from very strong yet lightweight carbon composite.

The standard panel houses Airspeed indicator (kts), Altimeter (ft, inHg/hPa), Mechanical accelerometer (G meter), Magnetic compass, Slip and skid indicator, Digital RPM indicator, MAP/FF indicator, CHT/EGT, oil press./oil temp gauges, Fuel gauges and an Aresti card holder.

The Extra 330 SC is rated to +10 and -10 G’s and has an empty weight of only 585kg. With a wingspan of 7,5 m and a total length of 6,8 m it is not a very large aircraft. The very clean cut straight lines present very well in aerobatic competitions. The ACRO tank carries 101 litres of fuel and the wing tanks will increase that to 224 litres but these will only be used when ferrying the aircraft and straight and level is maintained.

All three of the 330 SC’s will be used in the upcoming WAC unlimited world championships which will be held in Malelane in Mpumalanga from the 9 to the 16 of November. Nigel and Barrie will be competing in their aircraft and Eugene’s aircraft will be used by some of the foreign pilots in the competition. Extra 330 SC’s have a proud success rate at the world championships with wins in 2009, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016.

We wish all our South African pilots taking part in the World Aerobatic Championships .

AAD 2016 - Nigel Hopkins Extra 330SC

Thanks to Shawn Herbst


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