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The Origin of the Cirrus SR Series’ Butterfly Doors

Since the SR Series was introduced in 1998, Cirrus has produced over 8,000 single-engine piston planes for customers located in more than 60 countries across the world. A number of functional and aesthetic features including a full-airframe parachute system (CAPS), side yokes, composite airframe, Perspective+ avionics by Garmin and automotive-inspired interior have cemented the SR Series’ place in personal aviation history by becoming the best-selling piston aircraft for 19 years in a row … and counting.

But, arguably, no individual SR feature is more iconic than the Series’ distinctive “butterfly” doors.

“Though the doors have come to serve as a powerful symbol of the SR Series, the actual look of them never entered into the initial design,” said Ivy McIver, our SR Series product line director. “Form really did follow function in this case. The doors weren’t designed to look cool. They were designed with that motion primarily for the pilot’s and passenger’s convenience –especially while entering and exiting the aircraft – and then they were adjusted for the needs of manufacturing and functionality. The unintended consequence was: They ended up looking really cool and that’s when they truly took on a life of their own!”

“The iconic SR Series doors invite you to experience the automotive-style cabin with ease — and without compromise. Immediately familiar materials (such as premium leather and Alcantara), ergonomics and tailored details inside the aircraft make transitioning from your exceptional automobile to your aircraft a seamless experience,” said our design director, Alex Alequin. “Many will say the SR owes its commanding ramp appeal to the butterfly doors, paint colours and paint schemes that highlight the exterior of fuselage. But, the automotive-inspired details inside of the cabin undeniably inspire as well.”

The Cirrus mission is to constantly innovate, while paying respect to their roots, is forever at the forefront of the SR Series’ design. their customers recognize that intentionality.

“The SR’s butterfly doors are the ultimate epitome of when design and engineering intersect exquisitely,” said Brad Pierce, owner of our 8000 Limited Edition SR Series No. 1. “The doors definitely remind me of the thrill of climbing into the cockpit of a high-performance, exotic automobile. But, they also pay homage to every single SR ever made. My Cirrus 8000 is the result of six generations and thousands of product refinements. Yet, the iconic SR butterfly doors remain from the very beginning. And, they beautifully nod to the unparalleled legacy of every SR ever produced.”



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