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Tecnam P-Mentor Achieves FAA Certification

The Federal Aviation Administration has awarded a full-type certificate to the P-MENTOR with the number A00067IB for Part 23 of the FAA Regulations.

Tecnam is set to start delivering aircraft to flight schools in the United States. The first 20 aircraft will be delivered to HCH Aviation in partnership with Stephen F. Austin State University in Austin, Texas. This will be followed by deliveries to Kilo Charlie Aviation in New Century, Kansas, and EpicSky Flight Academy in Des Moines, Iowa.

The P-Mentor is a two-seat aircraft powered by the Rotax 912isC3. It features the Garmin G3X IFR touchscreen suite with PBN/RNAV/AFCS capabilities and is compliant with the latest CS-23 EASA & FAA amendments. The Mentor is a turnkey solution for many flight schools, allowing them to train students from their first flight up to their CPL-IR on a single platform. With a variable pitch propeller, simulated retractable landing gear, and an optional ballistic parachute, the P-Mentor has everything flight schools are looking for in today’s market. It is designed to offer the best human-machine interface, resulting in the most effective and efficient VFR/IFR training. The generous fuel capacity enables flight schools to fly all day without refuelling, thus improving operational value. The P-Mentor's fuel consumption is just 3.70 US Gal/h (14 lt/h), contributing to a very low cost of operations averaging $65 per hour.

The P-Mentor allows complete PPL, IR and UPRT training, with approved PBN/RNAV as well as AFCS: the entire training syllabus with unprecedented fuel consumption and emissions, further enhancing the renowned profitability of the Tecnam-made fleet.

The introduction of the P-MENTOR two-seater IFR training aircraft has been highly anticipated by numerous flight schools. They have been requesting a replacement for the many outdated FAR23/CS23 IFR training aircraft currently in use globally. This aircraft is expected to create numerous profitable opportunities within the flight training market and transform the training approach.

Tecnam is reaffirming its leadership in flight training and innovating the market by introducing the P-Mentor. This significant certification milestone will establish and secure new and substantial revenue streams for Tecnam. It is built on a foundation of over 75 years of aircraft manufacturing, raising the industry standards.

To date, over a hundred P-Mentors have been delivered in 18 countries worldwide. This demonstrates that the platform is suitable for various business plans in diverse weather conditions. Flight schools are modifying their fleet composition by incorporating the P-Mentor for initial and IFR training, and the P2006T for multi-engine training.

Tecnam’s Managing Director, Giovanni Pascale Langer says: “The FAA certification of the P-MENTOR is another significant milestone for the Tecnam team. We look forward to working with all US flight schools to improve the quality of training and help them keep hourly rates low.”

The Tecnam fleet is ideal for today's modern flight schools. Their aircraft offer top efficiency, performance, and value while meeting the latest certification standards. One unique feature is that they are considered "the greenest fleet on the market," with very low CO2 emissions. A recent study shows that flight schools operating with TECNAM single and twin-engine aircraft can reduce emissions by up to 60%, which amounts to 10 tons of CO2 for each student by the time they receive their Commercial Pilot License.

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