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Pipistrel Introduces a New Aircraft Model

Pipistrel one of the leading light aircraft producers with a global presence and a clear vision of minimizing emissions and decreasing fuel consumption has released the newest member of their light aircraft family- The Explorer.

The Explorer is fully EASA Type-certified in the “Normal” category; using a Type-certified engine, capable of running on automotive fuel; and approved for night-VFR operations, intentional spins and glider-towing. It is uniquely equipped with an advanced autopilot, dual touch-screen glass cockpit, dual COM, ADS-B In & Out, haptic stall-warning, full-airframe ballistic parachute rescue system, Type-certified hydraulic constant-speed propeller and air-brakes. The Explorer can be used for commercial operations and is the ideal solution for pilot training, while at the same time excels at being an advanced private aircraft for long trips.

Pipistrel’s award-winning design philosophy created an aircraft with best-in-class energy performance, unlocking excellent long-range capabilities that are further enhanced by the high-wing design and excellent view from the cabin through Explorer’s oversized transparent doors. The Explorer enables flight schools to substitute their multi-aircraft system with this single platform, obsoleting the need to use at least one aircraft for basic training and another for advanced training. By combining such capabilities into a single aircraft, both initial and running costs advantages are clear.

The more adventurous owners will appreciate that the Explorer can easily be dismantled in less than 15 minutes and stored in a dedicated trailer. A normal car can tow the aircraft in the trailer, should this be desired, and a hangar is not needed.



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