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King Air 360 Get Even “Cooler” With New Electric Air Conditioning

Textron Aviation announced that an electrically driven air conditioning system will soon be a standard feature on all new production Beechcraft King Air 360 aircraft. This new feature provides cooled air throughout the cabin while the aircraft is on the ground and in flight, enhancing passenger and crew comfort. Deliveries with the new air conditioning system are expected to begin in the coming months. Antone that has had to climb into an aircraft that has been standing in the hot African sun at a remote bush lodge will love this new feature.

“The new system for the King Air 360 represents our continued investment in an already iconic product,” said Lannie O’Bannion, Textron Aviation’s senior vice president for Sales & Flight Operations. “Last year we brought all new interiors and enhancements to the cockpit, and now we are bringing more amenities and comfort to the passengers and crew ahead of each flight.”

The new electric air conditioning system is built into the structure of the aircraft, and it does not impact any cabin space. The system can operate without the aircraft engines running by plugging into a ground power unit (GPU). The system offers an environmentally friendly solution by cooling the cabin without the use of aircraft engines.

Introduced in 2020, the King Air 360 cockpit features the addition of the Innovative Solutions & Support (IS&S) ThrustSense Auto-throttle. The auto-throttle supports pilots in their critical mission of delivering people or cargo by automatically managing engine power from the take-off roll through the climb, cruise, descent, and go-around phases of flight. The cockpit includes a digital pressurization controller, which automatically schedules cabin pressurization during both climb and descent, reducing pilot workload and increasing overall passenger comfort.

The aircraft has a cabin altitude that is 10% lower at 35,000 feet when compared to the King Air 350i. The cabin altitude level provides greater comfort for passengers, especially during longer flights.

The cabin features stunning custom-built cabinetry, partitions and side ledges, along with a selection of interior schemes. Other amenities that come standard on the entire King Air lineup include pull-out work tables, standard power outlets, USB charging stations and a private aft lavatory.

More than 7,700 Beechcraft King Air turboprops have been delivered to customers around the world since 1964, making it the best-selling business turboprop family in the world. The worldwide fleet has surpassed 64 million flight hours in its 58 years, serving roles in all branches of the U.S. military and flying both commercial and special mission roles around the world.




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