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Breezing in a Breezer, One Sexy Little Aircraft

Breezer Aircraft, located in the North of Germany, was officially established in 2006 although they were manufacturing aircraft form 1999. Breezer have always believed in creating aluminium aircraft to the highest possible German engineering standards.

The Breezer Stable currently consists of five different variants all specifically designed to cater to a specific requirement. The flagship “Breezer Sport” is one of the best-looking aircraft in its class. The design complements the proven B400/B600 series yet is by no means just an enhancement it is a completely new aircraft with totally different technology approaches.

Breezer Sport

The design of the Breezer Sport was from the wheels up and thanks to an advanced 3D CAD/CAM, the design was finished on a monitor rather than finding snags in the physical prototype section. The aircraft was designed to comply with the current regulations for ultralights in Germany.

Counter-sunk rivets support the clean design in smooth surfaces which scream out SPEED. The Breezer Sport sports a retractable landing gear which further enhances the focus of speed. The tapered wings are new in all aspects from profile to the main spar. This is now a centre spar in a centre section which lines up with the landing gear. To support low-speed behaviour, newly developed flaps provide more than enough lift. The Breezer Sport is prepared to carry the Rotax range of engines from the 912 ULS to the latest 141 Hp 915 iS. The cowling was adopted to generate less drag while allowing large openings for the inter-cooler.

The B400-6 emanates dynamism and the joy of flying and at the same time offers maximum safety. The Breezer B400 is one of the best-selling low-wing aircraft in Germany and is designed to bridge the gap between a club and training aircraft to a sporty touring plane. Its forgiving flight characteristics will instil confidence in inexperienced pilots as-well-as offering the advantage of the reliability and safety for sporting trips and quick flights. All this while only burning 14 litres per hour.

The Breezer B400-6

The Breezer B400-6 UL is available in a dedicated “Towing Version” which combines sporty flying with strength and stability. With the Towing Version, you have the ideal club and flight training aircraft. Its robust construction allows the Breezer B400-6 UL to pull gliders up to a weight up of 650 kg. Depending on the weight of the glider, its ground roll on a grass runway is from 250 to 400 m (mean sea level). The climb performance is anywhere from 300-500 ft/m guaranteeing an economic aero-tow. It’s also great for use in aero-tow training (mutual touch-and-go’s), which the B400-6 easily masters.

The B400-6 UL Towing Version really shows off its unique strengths at events. With up to 150 m² banners (up to approx. 20 kg) in tow, the towing version is by all definitions a flying workhorse.

The Breezer B600 LSA “Attraction” model offers both sportiness and comfort, of course with the highest quality standards in both the selection of materials as well as in design. In its development, it was possible to put the outstanding all-round skills of the B400 UL into the LSA Class with the B600.

Equipped with a ballistic rescue system, a stall warning, Flarm/ADS-B TCAS and a solid-state attitude indicator, this aircraft is especially designed for clubs and training organisations offering maximum operational safety for a very low price. Also, its economical fuel consumption of approx. 17 litres per hour makes the Breezer B600 LSA a perfect plane.

The B600 LSA “Elegance” combines the art of flight engineering with state-of-the-art avionics. With the "Elegance" line, the B600 demonstrates premium quality in the LSA category. Whether it’s the autopilot, the highest quality Garmin instruments or the Dynon glass cockpit, the exclusive full equipment surpasses the highest standards anywhere. The in-flight adjustable propeller with constant speed controller completes the equipment list in view of optimised engine management. The fact that each aircraft is hand-crafted guarantees maximum quality and safety.

The B600 LSA in the Elegance line of features ensures a comfortable flight even for long distances. And not just because of its low fuel consumption of only 17 litres per hour. Breezer B600 Aircraft has EASA Type Certification.

Breezer decided to use the Neuform Composites propeller, but when Neufrom went out of business, Breezer Aircraft decided to take over their propeller line.

This takeover primarily helps Breezer Aircraft avoid additional costs for the certification of further propellers, as well helps to avoid inevitable delays in production. Breezer decided to keep the Nueform brand and propeller manufacture remains an independent brand.

In order to preserve the know-how and the existing processes as well as the store of experience, Breezer kept the staff members of the propeller production line. The production plant and all equipment remained at the existing site in Drensteinfurt.

Breezer recently took the first step towards manufacturing an electric aircraft when they signed an agreement with the eCap mobility a company which supplies electric mobility devices like cars, trucks and now aircraft.



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