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Tristan Eeles a Man “On the Move”

Tristan Eeles like many of the top aerobatics pilots in the world, grew up around aircraft and his passion for flying was fostered when he was way too small to even see over the instrument panel.

Tristan spent many hours flying with his father, Barrie, a very successful aerobatics pilot who is currently competing in the elite Unlimited Class. At the age of seven, Barrie started handing control to Tristan and he intermediately proved that he had natural talent so much so that he took part in his first aerobatics competition at the tender age of fourteen, with a safety pilot, in his dad's Xtreme Air Sbach 342.

Barrie was very impressed with Tristan’s abilities and decided that he should start flying an aircraft that would teach him the art of energy management so Barrie purchased a Super Decathlon. The Super Decathlon although aerobatic rated tends to force the pilot to fly on the numbers, this makes it the ideal machine to hone all the finer skills necessary to compete in the more senior class of Aresti Aerobatics. At the age of seventeen Tristan officially earned his PPL and finally, he could get in the air solo. Barrie was not only Tristan’s mentor but also became his full-time coach working hard on developing him to become one of the best in the world.

Not too long after Tristan received his PPL his skill level started to outgrow the Super Decathlon and The father and son duo decided to move on to a more powerful purpose-built aerobatics machine, they sourced an Extra 200, which was the binging of Tristan’s serious competition involvement.

As with most aerobatic pilots, Tristan had to start in Sportsman Class and soon started winning competitions. His first major competition was the 2019 Western Cape Regional Championship where he obtained third place later that year he competed in the Ace of Base and he comfortably won, with a brilliant score of 81.231%.

In 2020 Tristan took part in the Gauteng Regionals and Judges Trophy where he earned a respectable second place, this would be the last competition that Tristan competed in with his beloved Extra 200. Tristan’s first outing in the Extra 330SC was at the North West Regionals in March 2020, he absolutely blew the competition away scoring a superb 83.817%. Later in the year, Tristan was crowned 2020 Sportsman Class National Champion.

Tristan decided to move up to the Intermediate Class for the 2021 season and true to form won on his first outing which was the Gauteng Regionals and Judges Trophy. His success continued for the rest of the season earning another victory and narrowly missing out on the Intermediate Class national Championship where he came a very close second.

After the Nationals Tristan set his sights on taking part in the 2023 Advanced World Aerobatic Championships (AWAC) which is to be held in Las Vegas. But, first, he would have to prove his mettle in the Advanced Class. His first Advanced Comp was Junior Coetzee Memorial Trophy where he once again dominated leading his closest rival by 12%, paving the way for him to earn his coveted Green Blazer an honour that his father has also achieved.

Tristan’s achievements have definitely not gone unnoticed and he was recently approached to become a “Brand Ambassador” for “On the Move” by Four Bros. On The Move proudly offers the finest quality Sport, Health and Lifestyle products to help achieve and maintain all desired health and fitness objectives.

They represent multiple sports and nutritional product ranges but their primary product is the “On Cloud” range, a place that Tristan is only too familiar with. The Swiss running brand focuses on running, cross trainer and lifestyle sneakers. Tristan’s expert skills in the air will form part of the marketing package and will surely create brand awareness, especially as Tristan is planning on joining the airshow circuit with his newly branded Extra 330SC.



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