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Textron Aviation Once Again Leads Biz Jet and Turboprop deliveries in 2022

Textron Aviation is proud to announce another major accomplishment has been added to the company’s legendary 95-year history. The company delivered more jets and turboprops to customers in 2022 than any other business aircraft manufacturer, according to the annual shipment and billings report published by the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA).

“We are honoured that our customers continue to choose Textron Aviation as their aviation solutions provider,” said Lannie O’Bannion, senior vice president, of Global Sales & Flight Operations. “We are proud of our entire team for this accomplishment. Textron Aviation would not be the leader in general aviation for more than nine decades without their passion and commitment. They are the true legends behind our success.”

The strong delivery performance in 2022 featured a combination of new, innovative products and familiar aircraft. Three new aircraft – the Cessna SkyCourier, Citation XLS Gen2 and Citation M2 Gen2 - were certified and delivered, while other iconic products continued to be the aircraft of choice by customers around the world.

The Cessna Citation jet line-up continues to be the most popular series of business aircraft ever produced. Among the company’s 178 jet deliveries, this past year was the landmark 8,000th Citation jet, reflecting our history as the industry leader.

In 2022, Textron Aviation led the industry by delivering the most aircraft in the following categories:

  • Business Jets

  • Multi-Engine Business Turboprops

  • Utility Turboprops

  • Mid-size Jets

  • Single Pilot Jets

Another successful year worth celebrating, but legends never stop. Textron remains committed to designing, building and delivering the best experience to their customers around the world.



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