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Lycoming Celebrates 95th Anniversary

It began in 1845 as the Demorest Manufacturing Company producing sewing machines and bicycles in Williamsport, PA. The machinery always hinted greater things were to come. Becoming Lycoming Foundry and Machine Company in 1907, Lycoming developed auto-mobile engines in a market driven by the needs of a nation at war.

Inspired by Charles Lindberg's trans-Atlantic flight, Lycoming began developing aviation aircraft engines. Starting in 1929 aviation would never be the same. The first Lycoming R-680, a 9-cylinder 200 hp piston-driven radial engine left the assembly line and established a new standard in general aviation. Their piston engines continue to evolve today as they develop advanced technologies to remain the power behind general aviation aircraft.

Over the past nine and a half decades, Lycoming has cemented its reputation as a trusted brand in the aviation industry. Known for its durable and high-performance engines, Lycoming has powered countless aircraft, from small recreational planes to larger commercial and military aircraft.

Throughout its history, Lycoming has continuously invested in research and development to improve engines and meet the changing needs of the aviation industry, each designed to deliver optimal performance, fuel efficiency, and reliability.

In addition to an unwavering commitment to producing high-quality engines, Lycoming has also prioritized safety and innovation by embracing new technologies and advancements in aviation to enhance the capabilities of their engines.

In honour of this milestone anniversary, Lycoming is holding a series of events and celebrations to commemorate the company's history and achievements. Lycoming is excited to share this momentous occasion with the aviation community throughout all of 2024.



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