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Kumbululuka Kwa Bafana – Zambian Children's Flight

By Felix Gosher Photos by Andre Venter On a crisp African Morning in the year two thousand and twenty-two, After two years of lockdowns and isolation, the comeback emerged it had dawned upon the people... as the right thing to do.

Five hundred Children who had never before left the ground, from a variety of welfare institutions and life dispositions, were gathered at the Greatest Hangar in God's Republic of Zambia, for one of a Squadron of Pilots' most special ever missions.

At the Air Force Base of the Nation's father, Kenneth Kaunda International, all heads bowed for the Lord God's Great Providence, in a Spirit of 'Unbuntu' Phenomenal. As the July rays warmed the cold concrete and lit up the blue yonder, Children were issued with special shirts and caps and goodies of Aviation wonder.

The Lord's Prayer recited and Zambia's National Anthem sung together as one, suddenly a formation of K8s in a perfect lined trajectory, over the scene of the party, to the backdrop of the Glorious Sun.

Their eyes sparkled at their meeting of Top Officials, and maybe just maybe, even the President, A beautiful silk flag dropped from the sky radiating the colours of Green, Red, Black and Gold waving in the winds in, a once in a lifetime moment well spent...

Many of the best pilots in the Country, gathered as a flying team, Dutiful and Professional, to showcase Aviation as the ultimate overcoming of odds, and the most remarkable model of a Dream.

The day that Proflight and Royal were together... on the very same sector, Representing the Cream of the Crop Zambian Commercial Transport Assets on a rare experience around the KK circuit, seldom seen by even a veteran CAA inspector.

Aircraft from these Airlines, Fighter Jets from the Military, Charter Planes and Helicopters from companies, and the Aeroplanes from the many Farms, an Association of Owners of Flying Machines so far and wide... Present on that day created an Angelic hum of piston and turbine, worthy in memory of a passage in the Psalms.

By the safest trained minds at Zambian Airport Corporation, and by both Civilian and Military hands, the children were led out to the flight line, and for the first time to actually fly.

A reality so far from the world they know, a sensation they'd hold in the chambers of their hearts until the day that they die. With the accumulation of resources by many hands, wonderful sponsors, and many so willing of their time, the community rallied together, a pile is so high at the foot of God's Throne for the sole purpose of His Children to shine.

Some brought rare talents for arts and music and beat, others brought boxes of crayons, colouring books, face paints, cool drinks and all sorts of treats. the CEOs of great companies hosted the children as VIPs, and the Directors and Government Ministers served the special young guests as their very own dignitaries.

Great food was shared, entertaining dancing performed, the rejoicing together was had, in celebration of the first-ever flights, aviation brought together a group of people so giving of help, so forthcoming for this particular one among all the challenges, and all of the plights.

As the shadows of metal birds carrying kids kept circumnavigating the Lusaka Airfield, smiles and raptures of Laughter were had for several hours, enjoyment beyond measure! what a majestic yield!

Young eyes gazed through oval and rectangular perspex windows, at the irrigation circles, and roofs of houses, The Great East Road, and the Chelston Water Tower, that had never before been seen from above. The amazement of the views, the surprise of the 'G' forces, and the combination of all the efforts and all the love created memories etched in photographs and clips about how the community made a day like this for their youthful, their sick, their poor, their forgotten and their neglected.

The most wonderful first impression for all of Aviation contained in one day upon which, for eternity every day onwards dearly reflected. And the little ones were rewarded before the crowd, as a symbolic gesture for the gravity they did abscond.

Handed a set of Wings from the Director of Civil Aviation and the Chief of the Air Force in one unified, unilateral achievement bond. About when the Grown-ups were their servants when the Children were the Special Guests Of the First Officer, Of the Captain and Of the Bwana.

This is the most Magical day of all time... This is the Children's Flight! This is Kumbululuka Kwa Bafana! FLY FEED LOVE INSPIRE



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