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CubCrafters to Build New Aircraft for US Department of Agriculture

CubCrafters, the designer and manufacturer of Light-Sport, Experimental, and Part 23 Certified back-country aircraft, announced recently that the company’s flagship certified CC19 XCub aircraft was selected by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for a new government aircraft fleet modernization contract.

Since 2003, CubCrafters has supplied aircraft to the US Government that have been used by various agencies to complete missions in some of the most remote and extreme flying environments imaginable. Renowned for their reliability, durability, and the ability to fly where few others can, CubCrafters aircraft have been used by multiple Federal Government agencies, including the US Department of Homeland Security, the US Department of the Interior, the United States Department of Agriculture, the United States Air Force Flight Academy, and the United States Air Force Research Laboratory.

The new aircraft manufactured under this most recent contract will be the first certified XCubs in fleet service with the US Government and will be primarily used for natural resources management. Delivery of the first two aircraft in the multiyear contract to USDA Wildlife Services is scheduled for the late Summer of 2023.

“Our long relationship with the US Government is a strong testament to our ability to design and manufacture exceptionally rugged utility aircraft for backcountry missions,” said Patrick Horgan, CubCrafters’ president & CEO. “This contract is not only important for us as a supplier for the US Government, but also for investors participating in our ongoing public offering. This sale demonstrates that our newest generation of fully certified modern utility aircraft can replace the ageing fleet of legacy aircraft now in service. It shows that there is a very bright future for our fleet sales program.”

CubCrafters was recently qualified by the US Securities and Exchange Commission to make a $50 million public stock offering under Regulation A+, which allows investors at all levels to purchase stock in the company for the first time in its 42-year history.

“CubCrafters aircraft are built tough and durable for use where few other aircraft can go. They are reliable, easy to operate and require very little maintenance. We appreciate that the Federal Government trusts the lives of its employees with our aircraft, and no one takes that trust more seriously than we do,” stated Brad Damm, CubCrafters’ vice president. “We are proud of this win and the continuing relationship that we have with multiple government agencies to provide the safest, most reliable, and mission-capable fixed-wing aircraft in the backcountry. We will continue to keep our focus on improving our product quality and performance, along with optimizing service and support for our customers.”

Among civilian agencies, CubCrafters aircraft are typically used for forward-deployed patrol, surveillance, search and rescue, natural resource management, and aerial survey missions. They are also used by the US Air Force for glider towing and flight-testing various sensors. For these types of missions, CubCrafters aircraft provide a low-cost and highly effective alternative to helicopters or other more expensive fixed-wing aircraft.



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