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Helivate - Olympics 2018

A rather cold and windy Saturday morning at the Krugersdorp Airfield to witness the Helivate Helicopter Services Olympics. This was the first Saturday after the recent rains, I had to start the day with a mug of “Stasie Koffie” (coffee made with condense milk) from the Krugersdorp Flying Club club house to warm me up for the morning ahead.

This was the Third Helivate Olympics held and an interesting event to witness and photograph. Student and Experienced helicopter pilots took part in the occasion to test their skills and show the public who attended what they could do in such an event with the helicopters.

Fifteen participants took part in the Olympics and like any Aviation events, it started with a Safety and procedures briefing.

There were 3 timed challenges that the pilots had to completes (see Diagrams for the descriptions and the points allocated for each challenge).

The first challenge was called The EGGSTRAVIGANZA and this was to tree bash the cone in either direction for 360 degrees with a teaspoon taped to the co-pilot skid and an egg placed on it, making sure it never fell off while tree bashing . Land on the mark facing the cone and then lift off and then tree bash the cone in the opposite direction. Once the last tree bash is done return to the Landing zone. This all had to be done a 5 min time period.

The second challenge was called SLALAM DUNK, the pilots had to hover taxi through a well-marked course of cones while carrying a bucket that was filled with water held by the navigator and they had to pass through the marked gates. The bucket also had to be placed in a slightly larger bucket or as close to it as possible. The bucket was

then placed on a large white drum at the end of the course by the navigator.

The third and final challenge was called WELL DESERVED BEER. In this challenge bottle opener is taped to the point of the skid of the Helicopter. Opening a beer at times is difficult as now days there are screw off tops as well as fixed tops. Luckily this is a screw off top and the aim is lift the cap off without damaging the bottle in any way (not sure what happened to the beer once they had been opened). Time started when the Helicopter was in the frame which was closely watched by a Judge, if they moved out of the square they lost 20 points and they got 100 points for opening the bottle.

Judges for the day were Marc (Stewie) Stewardson and Paul Cumming. Who were very helpful and explained the procedures of the day.

Winners in the different categories were:

Qualified Pilots Category:

1st Charles Pratley with Navigator Kim Pratley

2nd Carl Nicholl with Navigator Animike Cloete

3rd Dieter Bock with Navigator Carl Bock

Student Pilot Category:

1st Gina Gerber and Navigator George Gerber

2nd Rudi Marx with Navigator Animike Cloete

3rd Francois Triegaardt with Animike Cloete

Helivate Helicopter Services was established in 2011 in response to the ever-increasing helicopter charter, helicopter training market and helicopter hire market within South Africa and its neighbouring countries. Helivate Based in Krugersdorp, Gauteng, Have become one of the leading providers of business helicopter flights and private helicopter charter in South Africa.

Backed by a team of dedicated and experienced professionals, they offer friendly and efficient service making helicopter charter seamless and stress free. Helivate prides itself on the presentation of the helicopter fleet and pilot workforce, with pilots being especially attuned to the needs of their clients and guests.

With a very comprehensive fleet including: Robinson 44 Raven II , Alouette III SA 316B, Robinson R66 Turbine, Eurocopter EC 120 and a Bell 407 helicopters Helivate are sure to meet all your needs.


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