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The XtremeAir Sbach – Pushing the Limits

The XtremeAir Sbach is a German high performance two-seat aerobatic and touring monoplane designed by Philipp Steinbach with Albert Mylius and built by XtremeAir GmbH of Hecklingen.

XtremeAir Sbach XA42

Albert Mylius still serves as Head of Design and Chief Engineer of XtremeAir GmbH while his co-designer Philipp Steinbach has gone on to design the latest’s aerobatic aircraft on the competition scene the Game Bird GB1.

Philipp Steinbach

XtremeAir is an EASA-certified company which develops and manufactures carbon fibre composite aerobatic aircraft. The company was founded in December 2005 with the goal to become the benchmark for acrobatic aircraft design and for composite manufacturing.

The prototype Xtreme 3000/Sbach (then called XA41) was built by a small but experienced team of 5 people in just 4 ½ months from construction start to its maiden flight on 19th May 2006. Just 5 months later, the aircraft won the German Aerobatic Championships in the Unlimited category.

XtremeAir Sbach XA42

Both XAs are the only aircraft manufactured and certified entirely with a carbon fibre fuselage and structural design. The XA42 and its single-seat counterpart XA41 are certified for a load factor up to +/- 10g. They are both equipped with a Lycoming AEIO-580-B1A piston engine with 315 hp.

Lycoming AEIO-580-B1A

Competition aerobatic pilots admire the outstanding performance combined with superior agility and handling throughout the whole speed envelope from 51 to 225 kts. The very comfortable cockpit grants excellent layout and visibility. With its super strong control system and ergonomically optimized seating position the plane allows the pilot to focus on the sequence and the box with no distractions.

XtremeAir Sbach XA42

XtremeAir have managed to combine the outstanding speed and performance of an unlimited aerobatic aircraft with the comfort, safety and range of a touring aircraft. Thanks to the ultra-strong carbon fibre structure the manoeuvring speed is 174 kts. The ailerons can be fully deflected up to VNE which gives the plane a roll rate of 450° / sec at 225 kts.

XtremeAir Sbach XA42

The Sbach has a total fuel capacity of 275 litres which give the aircraft an amazing range of 1050 NM at best economy.

General characteristics

Crew: 1

Length: 6.67 m

Wingspan: 7.5 m

Height: 2.54 m

Wing area: 11.25 m2

Airfoil: PS-1-16 (wing), PS-1-09 (wing tip), DU86-MOD1 (horizontal tail including elevator and vertical tail including rudder)

Empty weight: 670 kg

Gross weight: 850 kg for acrobatic flight, 999 kg for utility flight

Fuel capacity: 275 l total, 273 l usable, 64 l usable for aerobatics

Powerplant: 1 × Lycoming AEIO-580-B1A horizontally-opposed six-cylinder four stroke piston engine, 315 hp at 2,700 rpm

Propellers: 3-bladed MT-Propeller MTV-9-B-C/C203-20d, 2.03 m diameter ± 5 mm


Maximum speed: 259 mph; 225 kn

Cruise speed: 213 mph; 185 kn

Stall speed: 62 mph; 54 kn

Never exceed speed: 259 mph; 225 kn

Range: 805 mi; 700 nmi at 73% power and 4,000 ft with 60 min reserve

Ferry range: 1,209 mi; 1,050 nmi at 50% power at 10,000 ft with 60 min reserve

Service ceiling: 15,000 ft

g limits: ± 10

Roll rate: 450 °/sec

Maximum glide ratio: 1:7

Rate of climb: 3,266 ft/min in acrobatic flight, 2,720 ft/min in utility flight

Wing loading: 75.5 kg/m2 (15.5 lb/sq ft) in acrobatic flight, 84.4 kg/m2 (17.3 lb/sq ft)

Power/mass: 2.01 kW/kg (1.22 hp/lb) in acrobatic configuration, 2.24 kW/kg (1.37 hp/lb) in utility configuration

Fuel flow: 57 L/h (15.1 US gal/h)


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