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On the Saturday 18 November Cape Town Flight Training Centre hosted an open day at their home Fisantekraal Airfield North East of Cape Town. The airfield was abuzz with visitors chatting to the CTFTC Instructors about their dreams to fly, and the aroma’s from the Boerie braai were extremely inviting. The CTFTC instructors were kept very busy with a constant flow of prospective pilots taking advantage of the introductory flights on offer.

CTFTC was established in 2003 when a clear need was identified for a cost-effective environment for professional flying training in the Cape Town area. From the first day of operation CTFTC has offered, and continues to offer, the most professional and cost-effective flight training in the Western Cape.

From small beginnings the school has gone from strength to strength and now boast a staff of 11 people including 5 full time instructors. With their fleet of eight aircraft, all aspects of private and commercial flying training are catered for, including aerobatics instruction.

Many former pupils, having achieved their qualifications with CTFTC, have gone on successfully to take respected positions in the aviation industry.

Fisantekraal Airfield (FAFK) is an ex SAAF airfield built around 1943. The Airfield originally served as a base for Lockheed Ventura bombers and has been privately owned since 1993.

Fisantekraal Airfield serves as a general flying airfield, and is a favourite for flight training in the Cape Town area. Most of the local flight training schools visit Fisantekraal for circuit and emergency training.

The airfiield originally had four runways. Only two remain operational: RWY23/05 and RWY14/32. The old taxiways and other runways are no longer used, but are still visible from the sky.

Due to its historic look and feel several television series and movies have been shot at Fisantekraal over the years. The TV series include “Strike Back”, and “Mad Dogs”. A C-130 was recently spotted landing at the airfield during the filming of a new movie.

Apart from the Flight School buildings, the airfield is in a bad way and really needs some maintenance. It is quite sad that an airfield with such history should be so run-down.


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