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On the morning of 21st of October 2017 prospective students and their families gathered at New Tempe Airport that is located in Bloemfontein for Westline Aviation Open Day event.

Westline Aviation participated in the second Open Day event for 2017 with tremendous success, judging by the incredible number of prospective students visiting the airport.

Westline Aviation management, instructors, staff and volunteers on the day ensured a well-planned and efficiently organized event. The program for the day included a very enjoyable talk by Westline Aviation, CEO Mr. Charlie Marais on the question every student came with, “How to turn my flight dreams into a flight reality.”

On the Open Day visitors was able to visit the airport grounds and take pictures with the Fixed Wing and Helicopter Aircraft, under the supervision of the instructors and well trained staff.

Visitors were given a chance to experience an intro-flight to give them a taste of flight . “For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned forever skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return”.

The atmosphere was electric with prospective students and their families immersing themselves in the wealth of Aviation opportunities. Westline Aviation Open Day event was a great opportunity for prospective students to learn how to get their pilot license and gain first-hand exposure to the flight training environment.

Make your aviation career take off and book your career seat as a Pilot with Westline Aviation PTY LTD.


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