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Vektor Aviation Celebrates its 2nd Anniversary

Vektor Aviation is privileged to celebrate its 2nd anniversary on 1 August 2023 as one of Africa’s premier aviation insurance brokers. The company has been blessed with exceptional growth and development over the past two years and is grateful to every client who trusts Vektor Aviation with its aviation insurance portfolio.

Despite the aviation industry facing various challenges during the past couple of years, on this occasion of celebrating our second anniversary, we want to focus on what we consider some of the highlights. This we want to do not only because we have grown our portfolio of both corporate and private aviation clients, but also due to our involvement in various levels of aviation. These include being involved in charity events within the aviation industry such as The Children’s Flight and The Elders’ Flight where we can invest in future aviators, celebrate the contributions of retired aviators and more importantly, share the joy of flying with those who are less fortunate than us. Regular participation in fly-ins and other aviation events ensures that the Vektor Aviation team keeps abreast with ground-level aviation while having the opportunity to interact, network and forge new business relationships with private and corporate clients.

On a professional level, Vektor Aviation has expanded its operations by opening an office in Johannesburg in 2022 to extend its footprint and be closer to clients based in Johannesburg and the south of Gauteng.

As part of our continued effort to provide our clients with more competitive insurance products for existing and emerging risks, Vektor Aviation moved our book of London business to Lockton - the world's largest independent insurance brokerage - in June 2023. This was an important step since Vektor Aviation is constantly engaging with the world's top insurance brokers to offer our clients the best products and services and to strengthen our position to offer our clients increased insurance capacity and even better service.

Vektor Aviation is looking forward to another year during which we can continue to engage with our clients who love aviation as much as we do, by providing them with the best products and services to suit their aviation insurance needs. Concludes Reon Wiese, the CEO of Vektor Aviation: “Our goal is to continue to foster relationships with and provide excellent service to our clients and suppliers. We look forward to continuing to support and uplift the industry by participating in and sponsoring aviation-related events. As a financial service provider, we pride ourselves in the fact that our compliance is at the highest level in the industry – and we remain committed to keeping it at this level.”



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