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Tecnam releases the new P Twenty-Ten TDI

TECNAM has announced the introduction of a new player into the General Aviation arena with the Type Certificate expected by July, the P2010 TDI has been one of the most secret development programs ever!

Burning just less than 20 litres per hour, with roomy, Italian-style shaped cabin interiors, and taking advantage of the high-wing configuration with 3 access doors plus another dedicated one for the baggage compartment, is no longer a dream. And it is no longer a dream to cover 1,000nm with the full tank capacity of 240 litres.

The P2010 TDI role is to fill a gap in customer choices, as they can now order the “Twenty-Ten” with three different power-plants, and three different fuel capabilities: automotive unleaded (approved on 180hp version), Avgas on the most powerful 215hp variant and, from now on, Jet/diesel.

The P2010 TDI is a concentrate of state-of-the-art technologies, where Tecnams capabilities to manage both metal and composite technologies has shaped a unique solution in terms of efficiency, load-carrying structure and unique Italian style: fuselage and vertical fin entirely made of pre-peg carbon fibre provide the best use of space, while wings, horizontal tail and rudder, as well as all the load-carrying structures, are built with 70 years’ experience of light alloy structures.

Flight safety is self-explanatory in the latest certification requirements followed by the electrically adjustable height, 26G-capable crashworthy seats while the flying experience is the ultimate with the Garmin® G1000® NXi glass cockpit and GFCTM 700 autopilot, entirely integrated and tuned around the Continental™ CD-170, full FADEC and single-lever controlled engine.

Continentals Jet/diesel powered 170 HP engine offers ease of flying with its single lever, coupled with electronic engine monitoring and redundant safety features. The CD-170 is the newest design and also the highest-horsepower engine in the CD-100 series family, proven with more than 6,000 engines delivered and over 7.1 million service flight hours.

The P2010 remains a modern aircraft for flight schools and private owners,” says Paolo Pascale, TECNAM CEO. “With the Continentals Jet/diesel engine, the P2010 TDI is simply the ‘ideal aircraft’, combining a modern, sleek, ‘green’ design with consistent, robust power.”

We are proud to be Tecnams newest aircraft partner, bringing innovative aircraft to aviators around the world,” says Chris Kuehn, Continentals Vice President of Sales, Support & Services. “We remain committed to serving our partners and Tecnams customers with expert service and support. This partnership reinforces our dedication to providing customers a freedom and choice with their engines that only Continental can provide.”

On a historical note, Tecnams very first aircraft, the Astore P48, built in 1948, was powered by a Continental engine — the A65. The connection between the two companies, therefore, spans more than 72 years.

Astore P48

As the newest edition to the CD-100 engine series, Continentals CD-170 engine continues the tradition of innovation for the Jet-A fuelled family. The technologically advanced 170 horsepower engine is a turbocharged, 4-cylinder in-line engine that has a low operating cost. The durable engine includes a technologically advanced fuel system design that incorporates an enhanced fuel system for an additional level of redundancy, providing aviators additional peace of mind. The CD-170 has an initial time between replacement (TBR) of 1,200 hours with plans to increase in the future.



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