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Tecnam Delivers The 400TH P2006T Twin

Tecnam reached a significant milestone by delivering the 400th Tecnam P2006T Twin to Bartolini Air, Poland’s leading flight training organisation. The renowned Polish flying school has also taken delivery of SN/200; the handover of the keys took place during the Pilot ExpoBerlin.

Designed in 2006, the Tecnam P2006T Twin has established itself as the aircraft of choice not only for the world’s most prestigious flight training organisations but also for private owners. The P2006T enables multi-engine piston training to be provided at a cost that is unrivalled by older twin-engine aircraft.

With 400 P2006T’s now in service worldwide, it consistently comes out on top in the most rigorous of competitor fly-off evaluations. As well as flight schools, Tecnam has partnered with several air forces and other niche operators who are now flying special versions of the twin, such as the P2006T SMP version for aerial operations.

Bartlomiej Walas, Managing Director of Bartolini Air, said: “I still remember the first time I saw a picture of the P2006T on the cover of an aviation magazine. It was just a drawing with a short description inside. I said to myself, this is exactly what we need to take Bartolini Air’s training offering into the 21st century. And that is what we are doing. Today, if you are a passenger of Ryanair or another major European airline, it’s quite likely that your pilot made his or her first multi-engine IFR flight in a shiny Tecnam P2006T at Bartolini Air. This new addition to the fleet is another milestone, which will help accommodate the growing demand for our training.”

Since the first P2006T in the fleet, S/N 33 – SP-DZW acquired in 2010, Bartolini Air now operates a training fleet of 15 aircraft, in large majority made of Tecnam: 8 P2008JC’s 2 P-Mentors, 4 P2006T’s and 1 P2010. Five more Tecnams will join the fleet in early 2024, which, will bring the number of Bartolini Air aircraft to 23 (including CAP 10C NG dedicated to advanced UPRT and aerobatics and 3 Citation Jets operated by a subsidiary AOC-holder).

Bartolini Air provides over 12,000 flight training hours per year, qualifying over 200 students who are today pilots for many of the world’s major airlines. Since 2010, more than 2000 students from around the world have been trained on the P2006T. The P2006T fleet accumulated 26, 000 flight hours.

Walter Da Costa, CSO Tecnam, said: “Key to the success of the P2006T Twin has been our commitment to offer our customers unbeatable value, coupled with low operating and ownership costs, innovative design and Italian styling. The Rotax engines, in particular, allow the Tecnam P2006T to be an leader as well. With remarkable fuel savings and significantly lower noise emissions, it has redefined both the flight training and ownership experience in a single step”.

Bartolini Air is one of the largest EASA-certified airline pilot training centres in Central Europe and the only Ryanair-approved training partner in the region. It operates a modern fleet of single and multi-engine Tecnams, which carry out 25,000 flight operations a year out of two bases in Poland: Lodz and Olsztyn Szymany. In addition to the training centre, Bartolini Air Group includes a private charter operator (a certified air carrier), a maintenance facility for piston and jet aircraft, as well as a company that designs and manufactures flight simulators. Over 2000 professional pilots from 56 countries have been trained by Bartolini Air to date.



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