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RAF Typhoon destroys terrorist drone in Syria

An RAF Typhoon has shot down a small hostile drone in Syria which posed a threat to Coalition forces in the area. This unprecedented event was the first operational air to air engagement conducted by an RAF Typhoon, and also the first RAF air to air missile firing during Operation SHADER – the UK’s contribution to the Global Coalition against Daesh.

“This strike is an impressive demonstration of the RAF’s ability to take out hostile targets in the air which pose a threat to our forces.” Said UK Defence Secretary, Ben Wallace. “We continue to do everything we can alongside our Coalition partners to stamp out the terrorist threat and protect our personnel and our partners.”

The engagement took place on 14th December, when the drone activity was detected above the At Tanf Coalition base in Syria. Two RAF Typhoon FGR4s from RAF Akrotiri were conducting a regular patrol over Syria and Iraq, as part of Operation SHADER when they were tasked to investigate. On arrival in the At Tanf area, the pilots identified a small hostile drone and succeeded in eliminating the threat during an air-to-air engagement with an Advanced Short Range Air to Air Missile.

This comes several weeks after the RAF successfully eliminated a known terrorist threat in Syria using a remotely piloted Reaper armed with Hellfire missiles.

The Global Coalition against Daesh has liberated 8 million people across 110,000 square km, from Daesh tyranny in Iraq and Syria. Nevertheless, Daesh is still a threat. The UK remains firmly committed to working with our Coalition partners on further degrading the terrorist group.



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