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Piper M700 FURY Earns Type Certification by the US FAA

Piper Aircraft has announced that the type certification of its new flagship aircraft, the Piper M700 FURY, by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, was achieved on February 29, 2024. This certification is a significant milestone for Piper Aircraft, coming quickly after the new aircraft’s announcement on February 6, 2024. Customer deliveries will begin immediately.

With a maximum cruise speed of 301 knots and a maximum range of 1,424 nm, the M700 FURY is the fastest single-engine aircraft in Piper’s 87+ year history. This cabin-class turboprop aircraft is equipped with Pratt & Whitney’s PT6A-52 engine generating 700 shaft horsepower and the latest version of Garmin’s G3000 cockpit, including Garmin’s Emergency Autoland as part of Piper’s HALO safety system.

Key M700 FURY performance highlights include:

  • Take-off Performance – TOFL distance over a 50 ft. obstacle at SL, STD Day MGTOW is a class-leading 1,994 ft., representing a 641 ft., 24% improvement when compared to the M600/SLS that it replaces. That TOFL performance is also 1,198 ft. (38%) shorter than a competing single-engine jet.

  • Initial Climb – after a MGTOW departure, the M700 FURY enjoys a class-leading 2,048 fpm climb rate, 32% better than the M600/SLS.

  • Climb to Altitude – settled into the climb, the M700 FURY reaches a comfortable FL250 in 13.9 minutes (34% quicker than the M600/SLS) after covering a short 34-mile distance (35% less distance than prior) while only burning 97 lbs. of fuel (25% less fuel than the M600/SLS and nearly 50% less fuel than a single-engine jet competitor)

  • Cruise – 301-knot max cruise speed.

  • Landing Performance – Landing over a 50 ft. obstacle, the M700 FURY continues its class-leading performance, achieving a 26% reduction versus the M600/SLS and within half the ground roll distance of some competitors.

“We are thrilled to announce the U.S. certification of the Piper M700 FURY by the FAA just a month after its announcement,” said John Calcagno, President & CEO of Piper Aircraft. “And there’s more to come. The FURY is just the first step in a new generation of our M-Class product line, so watch this space, as Piper’s M-Class will be expanding both above and below what we currently offer today.”

The M700 FURY international validations for Canada (TCCA), Europe (EASA), the UK (CAA) and Brazil (ANAC) are on track to be completed in the second half of 2024, with customer deliveries in those regions before the end of the year.



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