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News Letter 25 April 2018

Good day all

South Africa is gearing up for yet another long weekend this coming weekend and the timing couldn’t be better for the EAA Convention, this year Vryheid will be hosting this gem on the aviation calendar.

Registrations will close on Thursday evening as we will not be able to access this info while on site. You may contact 0832597691 on WhatsApp/SMS after this time, if required.



Please refer to Vryheid Tourism and accommodation documents on the Convention webpage

A shuttle service will be available from midday on 27th to midday on 29th April between the Airfield and local accommodation establishments.


This is a camper friendly event BUT remember to register....we cannot plan accurately for the number of users, if you don’t tell us you are coming along, which may mean that the facilities are inadequate and inconvenience those that we did plan for on registrations.

If you don’t want to take along your own tent, you can make contact with Neil Bowden(, who may still be able to assist you.

Fuel available

Avgas will be provided by SV Aviation from 27th - 29th April inclusive at R18.16 p/l.

Mogas is available on request in 25L drums. To order in advance please contact Craig on Cash or eft payment will be required. No card facilities.

Promotional gear :

Thanks to Trixie Heron, caps and stickers will be avaialble for sale at the event.


With reference to CAA AIP Supplement S017/18, due to increased flying activity, AFIS will be provided at FAVY as Class F airspace on 27th and 28th April 2018.

Lateral Limits: Circle radius 5NM cantered at 274708S 030472E

Vertical Limits: GND/2000 FT AGL

Frequency: 120.20 MHz

AFIS Hours as noted and updated as: Friday 27th April 12h00-17h00 & Saturday 28th April 08h00-17h00.


Aero Weather has provided a weather outlook for the Convention in Vryheid and we will continue to update the forecast daily. This will be distributed to all those registered for attendance. Pilots should please contact Aeroweather diect for their individual routing forecasts.

Feel free to view the updates daily on our EAA website at

Security On The Airfield

All pilots please dont forget to bring along your own chocks and tie downs. There is a very small tarmac area which will not be available for general parking as the fuel and other locally based aircraft will be positioned there. Also note that the tarmac area does not have tie down facilities.

A security guard will patrol the airfield in the evenings, however we always recommend that standard precautions are taken with regards to securing your aircraft.

Friday 27th April

12h30-16h00 Young Eagles Activity, where you can fly selected learners from Vryheid High School .

12h00-16h00 Casual lunch : Burger & Pancake vendors

17h00- LATE Informal Braai dinner at the airfield @ R100 per person payable on attendance.

"On the Couch" informal Talk Show with Brig Gen Rod Penhall (retired)

hosted by Hartog Blok

Followed by Entertainment by Frank Persson

Saturday 28th April

07h00-11h00 Breakfast available at the Airfield

Please take advantage of this as Wimpy Vryheid are coming along just to

supply our breakfast

08h30- Rally briefing and preperation for this Fun Adventure

11h00-16h00 Casual airfield lunch: Burger & Fish/chips vendors

11h30/12h00 Spot landing ex Rally participants. This will take place after Rally

participants have departed.

10h00- Aircraft Judging begins as per scheduled to be communicated on 27th April

10h00-14h00 Information Forums

10h00-11h00 Johan Lok - Technical and AP scheme update

11h00-12h00 Hartog Blok - Survival Skills

12h00-13h00 Brad Bennetts - Upset Prevention & Recovery Training

13h00-14h00 Neil de Lange - RAASA update

15h00-16h00 Goodyear Eagles Aerobatic Team Air display

16h00 Suggest all those not attending the AGM (spouses included) should take

advantage of the shuttle service if transport is required. This will allow for

quicker service between the AGM and dinner.

16h00-17h00 EAA of SA AGM. Members are all encouraged to attend

18h30-19h00 Dinner arrival/drinks at the airfield.

19h00- LATE Awards Dinner celebrating the achievements of the last year as well as the

winners of the Rally, Spot Landing, Aircraft Judging and various other


Sunday 29April

07h00-11h00 Breakfast available at the Airfield

Please take advantage of this as Wimpy Vryheid are coming along just to

supply our breakfast

07h00-14h00 Depart at leisure


Young Eagles

Thanks to all tose that have signed up to participate !

Clive King will manage the schedule for this event on the day. The aim is to inspire learners to join the future generation of aviators. We have engaged with the school and learners since February and the selection process has been based on both academic results and their desire to participate.

Each Young Eagles participating aircraft will be offered a 30L Avgas *voucher (compliments of SV Aviation) for the event in thanks for their willingness to join in. Airlink have kindly sponsored a goodie bag for the Learners and Clive King has arranged sponsorship for the Learners and Pilots afternoon "snack" and refreshment.

*Apologies to the Mogas users as we only have Avgas sponsorship.

Exhibitors & Availability at the Airfield

Thanks to all the Sponsors that will join us to provide services and guidance in Vryheid :

- AAT : stand a chance to win a trip to OSHKOSH by simply being an EAA member,

registering & participating.

- Aviation Direct

- African Pilot : Athol and Christine will be available to take pictures of many EAA aircraft

that will be used for future magazines and of course the owners will receive pictures

of their aircraft from Athol.

- Bose

- Comet Aviation Suppliers

- DJA Insurance

- Glutek

- Good Year

- Pilot's Post

- Santam

- Skyworx AMO (EAA Technical Officer, Kevin Hopper will be available at the Airfield if

assistance is required)

- Wings 'n Things

Adventure Rally

Thanks to all those already signed up. Seems like Rob will have a full house !

It looks like it will be a great Fun Adventure, which Rob Jonkers has put much time and effort into. Dont miss the briefing at 08h30 at the Airfield. printed maps will be provided but dont forget to bring along the basics - markers (2-3 colours), ruler, protractor, pencil, eraser, also nice to have are prestic, scissors, magitape, lap board and a clock. You can always beg, borrow or steal for the other participants if you dont have access to these on the day.

Our fantastic sponsors have provided prizes from headsets to a tailor made Flight Suite to *avgas voucers and a range of other gifts.

*Apologies to the Mogas users as we only have Avgas sponsorship.

Spot Landing

All Rally aircraft will be judged for Spot Landings, although this will not be part of your Rally result as it will be scored seperately.

Paul Lastrucci will manage the Spot Landing activity, assisted by volunteers. Should you not be participating in the Rally and you would like to enter the Spot Landing, this will be accommodated as soon as all of the Rally contestants have departed. Come on, show us your skills AND win a prize !

Aircraft Judging

Once again thanks to all of those that have already signed up. You will be scheduled for the contect on Friday 27th and will be sms'd a time slot. We are happy to take into account your Rally or Spot Landing participation. Time slots will become difficult to juggle around althoug we will certainly try to accommodate everyone. Peter Lastrucci will manage the Aircraft Judging, assisted by a number of volunteers.


Although we believe that all aircraft are "special", we will have some unique aircraft on display. Karl Jenssen will be our on field "commentator". Please feel free to share information with him (preferably written down) if you would like a special mention.

In addition to the lovely aircraft on display, we will have the Menno Parsons DC3 "Delaney" on display as well as a collection of vintage car's.

Information Forums

The forums will take place on Saturday 28th April and will include presentations by :

10h00-11h00 Johan Lok - Technical and AP scheme update

11h00-12h00 Horace Blok - Survival Skills

12h00-13h00 Brad Bennetts - Upset Prevention & Recovery Training

13h00-14h00 Neil de Lange - RAASA update

Goodyear Eagles Aerobatic Team Air Display

The Goodyear Eagles team will "entertain" us from 15h00-16h00 on Saturday 28th with their awesome display. EAA will be bringing a bit of an Airshow to this event for all those that miss the "old days" when this was a regularly occurrence.


All members are encouraged to attend the AGM.

All details are available at

Refer to previous communication for the documents and details already issued.

Awards Dinner

Dress code is smart/casual. Prefer no shorts & slops please.

As we are arranging all the facilities at the airfield based on demand, we are unfortunately required to confirm dinner catering by 20th April. Should you have missed this deadline and you would like to attend, please register immediately and message 0832597691.

Please ensure you have booked and paid before Wednesday 25th April as suppliers will deliver all hired goods on this day and an additional delivery may not be possible.

The cost of R300.00 per person is required for confirmation. We would apprecaite you making payment to EAA asap:

Bank: ABSA

Name: EAA of SA

Account: 4045879929

Branch: Greenside

Ref: Dinner/SURNAME

Please send proof of payment to us at

Invoices issued on payment only. Please request this when sending POP.

We really hope to see you all in Vryheid at this event, not just to network with fellow aviation and hopefully, support the EAA of South Africa but also to show that General Aviation in South Africa is alive and well!

10th NAC Fly Away in 2018

The Team is looking forward to sharing another wonderful experience with you 27 April to 1 May 2018

Overnight in Prince Albert, Carnarvon, Prieska and Gariep Dam

Pack your camera first; you’ll have some amazing photo opportunities!


The South African Canopy Piloting National Championship 2018 will be hosted by the CP Committee at Pretoria Skydiving Club from 27 April 2018 to 1 May 2018.

Uitenhage Festival and Fly-in

Wings, Wheels and lots of fun 28 April at Uitenhage Airfield, well wort the trip for all petrol heads that love aviation.


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