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Kitty Hawk Aerodrome- General Aviation Hub

Kitty Hawk aerodrome is located 30km and an easy 20 minute drive south east of Pretoria in the Boschkop area.

With its 800m x 18m tar runway the airfield is the central hub for an active aviation community and offers aircraft owner’s superb facilities. The airfield is privately owned and administrated under a sectional title scheme. Membership is open to the public and non-members are welcome to fly in. Kitty Hawk does not levy landing fees and there is a fuel bay with AVGAS available 7 days a week. Dawie Pretorius The Airport manager is available seven days a week to take care of your fuel needs.

Kitty Hawk is fast becoming one of the favourite airfields to visit in the Gauteng area. On any fair weathered day many visitors drop in for a quick visit and something to eat at the clubhouse restaurant. Theresa, Alison the Kitty team are always ready to prepare a scrumptious meal for the hungry aviator and take care of any hydration needs.

Kitty Hawk named after the legendary Kitty Hawk airfield where the Wright Brothers took to the air for the first time on 17 December 1903 paving the way for aviation as we know it today. If Wilbur and Orville had achieved this feat at this Kitty Hawk at least they would have a cold beer at the ready to celebrate once the aircraft had been put in the hangar.

Superb Flight Training, resident flight school at Kitty Hawk offer National Pilot License (NPL), Private Pilot License (PPL) training and can accommodate Flight Instructors ratings on their fleet of Tecnam P92 aircraft. Superb Flight Training has been operating for the last 15 years training hundreds of pilots.

Many events get scheduled throughout the year at Kitty Hawk due to the friendly nature of the airfield. Once a year the Vans RV community host a massive fly-in and this draws pilots from all over Southern Africa some as far as Namibia and the Western Cape.

Visitors to Kitty Hawk can be almost certain of entertainment as many of the top aerobatic pilots are resident at Kitty Hawk and tend to practice most weekends. Kitty Hawk has a designated Aerobatic Box just to the west of the Runway, so all the practices are in sight of a visitor enjoying a meal at the clubhouse. Neville Ferreira, Gary Glason, Egene du Preez, Bertus du Preez, Pierre Gouws and the Raptors Aerobatic Team call Kitty Hawk home.

Next time you looking for a destination for a quick Breakfast or lunch fly-in keep Kitty hawk in mind you definitely won’t be disappointed.


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