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ZAF Inducts Their newly acquired Enstrom 480B Helicopters Into Service

The recent addition of Enstrom 480B helicopters to the Zambia Air Force signifies a significant advancement in the country's commitment to protecting its security and well-being. This comes just days after the introduction of Bell 412 EP Helicopters into service, as well as the delivery of agricultural equipment such as tractors, disc ploughs, planters, and boom sprayers to Air Force farms. These resources will be used to expand agricultural activities in Lufwanyama and other Air Force Farms.

The Commander of the Zambia Air Force (ZAF), Lt Gen Oscar Msitu Nyoni, announced that the recently inducted Enstrom 480B Helicopters will play a crucial role in addressing food security concerns in the country. These helicopters will be used to conduct surveillance operations on the smuggling of mealie meal and minerals by illegal participants.

Lt. Gen. Nyoni stated that the purchase of the rotorcraft is timely for conducting light operations, such as aerial crop spraying, in the ongoing Air Force agriculture project. Additionally, the rotorcraft will be used to enhance national defence, emergency response capabilities, and operational effectiveness of the Air Force.

He stated, “The Helicopters we are about to induct into service today will serve a multitude of crucial tasks, thereby contributing to our combat capabilities such as training of pilots, search and rescue missions, medical evacuations, reconnaissance operations, anti-poaching efforts in collaborations with our counterparts, the national parks and wildlife and combating smuggling activities. The Enstrom 480B Helicopter will also be deployed in addressing food security by aiding in the surveillance of mealie meal smuggling and preventing mineral pilferage by illegal miners, who continue to enrich themselves at the expense of the general citizenry.”

During the official induction of two Enstrom 480B helicopters into service at the Zambia Air Force Lusaka Base on Monday, March 25, 2024, he reiterated his gratitude to the government for purchasing the aircraft. “We are deeply indebted to the government, the Commander in Chief of the Defence Force, and our Republican President, Mr Hakainde Hichilema, for the continued support to the Air Force. It is through the acquisition of such platforms that we continue to fulfil our constitutional mandate of protecting our air space and safeguarding our territorial sovereignty,” Lt. Gen. Nyoni remarked.

He emphasized the importance of maintaining and utilizing the newly acquired equipment to benefit the nation and provide value for money spent.




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