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RAF Photographers join USAF for training on Exercise Point Blank

Royal Air Force photographers have deployed to RAF Lakenheath to join their United States Air Force colleagues in a photographic training activity to share best practices, during the quarterly Exercise Point Blank.

This exercise sees the United States Air Force, RAF and for this iteration Dutch fast jets conduct a Defensive Counter Air and Personnel Recovery exercise. The overall aim of the exercise is to increase proficiency in joint mission planning and tactical integration.

The RAF photographers captured images of the USAF F-15Es and F-35A’s of the 48th Fighter Wing, based at RAF Lakenheath as they prepared to fly flew alongside the Royal Netherlands Air Force F-35As and RAF F-35s B’s and Typhoons over the North Sea.

Exercise POINT BLANK is a recurring, low-cost exercise initiative run by the USAF that is designed to increase the tactical proficiency of the USAF and RAF together with NATO forces.

Multilateral exercises like this increase interoperability and collective readiness, deter potential adversaries and ensure the skies within the European theatre remain sovereign.



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