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Leidos, Paramount USA, and Vertex Aerospace Bronco II Overwatch Prototype Program

RESTON, a science and technology leader, recently announced a teaming agreement with Paramount Group USA and Vertex Aerospace to pursue a new contract to deliver the Bronco II, a new purpose-built, multi-mission aircraft. The aircraft will support the U.S. Special Operations Command's Armed Overwatch program.

One can be forgiven if the aircraft looks vividly familiar as the platform upon which the BRONCO II is based, is none other than the South African designed and built AHRLAC and is already in production using the latest advanced aerospace manufacturing technologies. The fact that the aircraft is 100% digitally designed makes the ability to industrialize the BRONCO II in its totality in the United States a reality.

This strategic relationship, with Leidos as the prime contractor and Paramount and Vertex as primary team-mates, will combine decades of experience integrating, manufacturing, and delivering cutting-edge airborne solutions to the warfighter.

The Bronco II is a rugged, affordable, and sustainable multi-mission aircraft that will be manufactured in Crestview USA. The Leidos offering is built to meet the specific needs of U.S. Special Operations Command.

The original North American Rockwell OV-10 Bronco was renowned for its impressive mission capabilities. The BRONCO II, is continuing that legacy, a two-crew C4ISR and precision strike aircraft, also packs a nasty punch in the form of a modular weapons system and is capable of carrying a wide range of weapons configurations. Weapons are mounted on its six under-wing stations consisting of guided and unguided rockets, as well as precision munitions.

North American Rockwell OV-10 Bronco

It is a unique platform that is built for purpose; uses a pusher propeller and has an open system architecture allowing for the rapid incorporation of current and emerging systems, setting a new standard for mission flexibility and adaptability. Designed with roll-on, roll-off standards in mind, six personnel can disassemble the Bronco II into its shipping components and can rapidly reassemble the aircraft in the field in less than 12 hours.

Unique to Bronco II is a reconfigurable conformal mission bay in the belly of the aircraft with near limitless options of interchangeable modules suitable for any conceivable mission.

"Leidos has a long history as a premier provider of airborne solutions," said Gerry Fasano, Leidos Defence Group president. "The Bronco II demonstrates our commitment to providing the best-of-breed in technology, as well as our agility in meeting the needs of our country's national security missions. This offering will leverage each company's expertise to deliver cost-effective innovations for the warfighter."

"Our collaboration with Vertex and Leidos will present best of capabilities for what will undoubtedly be a critical program to enable U.S Air Force Special Operations Command to deal effectively with the challenges and rigours of modern-day asymmetrical warfare," said Steve Griessel, CEO of Paramount Group USA. "The Bronco II was designed specifically for asymmetrical warfare and will operate at a fraction of the procurement and life-cycle costs of an aircraft with similar mission applications and capabilities."

"We are proud to team with Leidos and Paramount, as we share a commitment to deliver affordable state-of-the-art capabilities to combat the challenges posed by modern, multi-domain operations," said Ed Boyington, Vertex Aerospace CEO and President. "With a long track record of delivering excellence to our customers, we look forward to producing and supporting the purpose-built Bronco II aircraft and weapons system as a transformational tool for our warfighters."



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