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Continental Receives EASA Approval to Extend the CD-300 Time Between Replacement

Continental, a subsidiary of Continental Aerospace Technologies Holding Limited, announced today that the Time Between Replacement (TBR) for the CD-300 has been extended to 2,000 hours. The powerful 300hp Jet-A piston engine was announced on an airframe application in 2019 with an initial TBR of 1,200 hours or 12 years and a commitment to increase the TBR hours. The Continental® team worked in concert with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and is proud to fulfil this product enhancement commitment for our customers and partners.

Since the heavy-fuel CD-300 engine was launched, Continental® has worked diligently to achieve this product life extension. Continental’s engineering team invested countless hours strenuously testing the largest Jet-A engine, verifying its reliability and endurance while ensuring that all components meet the highest quality standards. Along with the TBR extension, Continental® examined additional ways to increase the value of this fuel-efficient engine that burns 34.9 litres per hour which equates to 9.2 gallons per hour in an economy cruise setting. After a thorough review of the engine components, the gearbox replacement will also change from being replaced every 600 hours to ‘on condition’. Operators must perform routine oil changes, but these enhancements will reduce overall engine maintenance costs and provide more uptime for pilots.

“Continental is working continuously to improve the quality and robustness of our engines and parts,” said Dr David Dörner, Vice President of Global Research and Development. “These product improvements are a testament to Continental’s commitment to advancing general aviation engine technology and customer value. With 9 million flight hours accumulated on our Jet-A engines, we believe that the Jet-A engine."



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