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Saab Digital ATC Tower Demonstrator ordered by Royal Air Force

Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions (SDATS) has been selected to provide a Digital Tower system as an Operational Concept Demonstrator for the Royal Air Force at their air force base by Lossiemouth in the United Kingdom. A technological evolution in Air Traffic Control (ATC) for civil airports is opening up new possibilities which are equally relevant for military airfields. The RAF is investigating new concepts and capabilities, which could eventually change the way military ATC is conducted, both during normal operations and during time of increased threats.

The system will be installed at RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland for demonstration and evaluation during 2020 and 2021. This will enable the RAF to assess the latest technology and evaluate future requirements for Air Traffic Control.

“The Royal Air Force is collaborating with Saab to develop RAF Lossiemouth’s Digital Tower demonstrator which will enable us to explore how we could modernise our air traffic services fit for a next generation air force. This is an exciting opportunity to develop technology that will enhance our personnel’s decision-making processes so that we continue to operate safely, securely and efficiently for decades to come,” says Chief of Staff – Capability, Air-Vice Marshal Simon Rochelle, RAF.

“We are proud to be trusted by the RAF to support their Digital Tower Operational Concept Demonstrator at Lossiemouth. Our extensive experience in digital ATC and focus on security, combined with the RAF’s operational knowledge, provide an excellent opportunity for Saab to show how the RAF could benefit from use of our Digital Tower system. The demonstrator will enable the RAF to assess the advantages of digitalisation as well as our new sensor capabilities. Working with the RAF is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the military utility of our system”, says Per Ahl, CEO of Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions.

The digital air traffic control solution is a breakthrough in air traffic control and was introduced during 2015 in Sweden when Örnsköldsvik Airport became the first airport in the world with remote air traffic control. In the UK, Cranfield Airport is operating our system and London City will also operate the Saab solution starting later this year. In the Netherlands, SDATS is currently working with LVNL, to provide a national roll out for Dutch airports.


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