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TAF Breakfast Fly-In 2019 - Tedderfield Airpark

It’s an entertaining kind of breakfast when you get to experience aircraft in action just meters from your bacon and eggs. From as early as 07h00 am on Saturday, September 14th, aircraft began arriving for the 2019 TAF Breakfast Fly-In at Tedderfield Airpark in the South of Johannesburg where guests were treated to a delightful breakfast that consisted of egg, bacon, sausages, hash browns, tomatoes, toast, tea, coffee, and fruit juice.

Freshly back from their most successful Oshkosh yet, factory tours and Sling TSi demo flights, a head-turner wherever it goes, were the name of the game. The newest offering from TAF, the Sling TSi High Wing making for some interesting conversation, The TSi High Wing should be flying within six months and should bring a whole new clientele to the Sling family.

On the verge of launching their online store, exclusive Sling merchandise was on sale which included Sling branded caps, K-WAY jackets, golf shirts, t-shirts and of course the ever popular Two Wings Many Prayers and Wild Landings DVD’s which never fails to capture the adventure that is living the Sling lifestyle.

On a weekend with three events on the go, the turnout was spectacular with more than 70 clients, fans and Sling enthusiasts in attendance as well as a Piper or two. The day was casual and aviation chat was what it was all about with like-minded folks who enjoy good food and good company.

The Airplane Factory is now in its eleventh year and is making inroads into many countries worldwide including the USA which is probably the toughest LSA Market in the world. Their current range of aircraft include the ever popular Sling 2, Sling 2 Taildragger, Sling 4 and the magnificent Sling TSI, and soon the eagerly awaited  Sling TSi High Wing will make its appearance.

Sling 2

Sling 2 Taildragger

Sling 4

Sling TSi

Sling TSi High Wing 


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