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Krugersdorp Airfield Carnival and Spot Landing Competition

Jack Taylor Airfield in Krugersdorp was a hive of activity on Saturday morning, not only because of the events planed for the day, many of the Krugersdorp locals were preparing to make the trip to Nylstroom for the Taildraggers fly-in. Both these events were planned for the same day which was rather unfortunate.

After stumbling around the airfield capturing as many sunrise shots as I could it was time for the briefing and a hearty breakfast at the 26 South Restaurant in the Clubhouse. After a quick refresher on the rules and regulations it was roll call time for all the 28 entrants, a bit lower than the turnout last year of 40 pilots, it was time for the first of seven groups to take to the relatively calm but cool Krugersdorp air.

The judges took up their positions at the threshold of Runway 08, Krugersdorp’s runway is often referred to as HMS Krugersdorp due to the drop-offs on either side of the runway being similar to that of an aircraft carrier.

As far as possible aircraft of similar performance are grouped together in the same slot as to prevent one aircraft catching up to another in the circuit. Each aircraft has three attempts at landing as close to the zero (Bingo)line, lines are marked both before and after the zero line atone meter spacing’s and are marked from one to seventeen. The totals are added together to give a total score and the pilot obtaining the lowest score wins.

As the day progressed the wind started picking up making things increasingly difficult for the faster aircraft, who competed later in the day with quite a stiff cross-wind making the elusive “Bingo “even more difficult to obtain.

Throughout the day Helivate were treating the public to helicopter flights in the Alouette III. While the flying was going on visitors could take a stroll through the static aircraft on display as well as the Veteran and Classic cars on display and even take a flip in a full motion flight simulator brought to the event by Chris from Real Flight.

Once all the aircraft were safely back on the ground and all the calculations made it was time for the official prize giving in the clubhouse. Between Puma Energy (the main sponsor) and all the other sponsors prizes to the value of over R62000-00 were ready to be claimed by the contestants.

The overall winner this year, surprisingly, was not a member of Krugersdorp flying club Henco van Niekerk in a Piper Tri-Pacer managed a brilliant score of eight, his scores for the three landings were 4,3 and 1.

Ricardo de Bonis also in a Piper, this time a Super Cub, was the best performing Krugersdorp member and as a result was named the overall winner although he was slightly behind with a very respectable score of eleven for his three landings.

The best performing Lady Pilot was Georgia Franklin with a total score of Twenty-seven, Georgia was flying a Cessna 172

Greaser Landing prize was awarded to Leon Meintjes in his Vans RV-10 his overall score wasn’t great but he landed like a bar of soap slipping down the side of a bath.

The wining student was Student Issameldix Salem in a Cessna 172 with a total score of thirteen which is a brilliant achievement.

Special thanks must go to the organisers, sponsors and judges for a wonderful day

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