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Krugersdorp notorious weather once again tried its best to ruin an event held at Jack Taylor Airfield, Johan Swanepoel and his team refused to back down though. Johan, who runs the clubhouse and restaurant at the airfield, decided to do what he could to help the farmers currently suffer under the crippling drought that gripped the Northern Cape.

No sooner did he share his idea and the sponsors started coming aboard, Ben Morgerood motor’s “Boere in Nood” initiative immediately offered their assistance. They sponsored a sound system for the day and organised musicians to keep the crowed entertained.

SA Airlink joined by City Lodge group donated a wonderful weekend getaway, Airlink donated the flight tickets to and from Cape Town and City Lodge supplied the accommodation and meals making for a very attractive prize.

The local flying schools and members of Krugersdorp flying club also added to the prize tally. Alpi Aviation, operated by Dale de Klerk, donated many introductory flights in their beautiful Bush Baby Safari.

Haley Cumming from Helivate also made their Alouette III available for flips and also took many lucky raffle winners for a flight around the Krugersdorp area.

Avitech fligt Academy’s Nico Smith and George Gerber made their Cessna 210 available for prize flips some of which were flown on the day.

Dieter Bok owner of Mr Bock pledge to take winners for a flight in his extremely fast Lancair, Dieter will be taking the winners at their convenience.

A wonderful breakfast was served and half the price of the breakfast went to the fund for the farmers along with the money made on the raffles and the auctions. All the items auctioned off were donated by various local businesses and individual people.

Unfortunately the turnout was slightly disappointing but with the inclement weather many pilots that were planning on joining decided to rather be safe and stay on the ground, many however decided to drive in and join the for a fun day of aviation comradery.

Nevertheless as the weather improved many of the Krugersdorp Flying Club members took to the air with their wonderful machines. In a very rare sighting Peter Lastrucci took went for a flight in his newly rebuilt Bell 47 and he was soon joined by The Prately Bell 47 beloning to Kim Pratley, seeing one of these machines is a great sight, two of them in formation is very seldom seen.

Another highlight was Roy Watson beautiful 1904 De Dion and while he was driving around the field he was joined by his son in his stunning Tigermoth.

Johan sold over 110 breakfasts and the initiative did raise a substantial amount of money which will be forwarded to “Boere in Nood” and hopefully make a difference to the farmers that are going through a very tough time keeping their livestock fed.

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