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SAAF Award Contract for C-130 Modification, Support and Servicing to Marshall Aerospace

Marshall Aerospace has secured a contract to perform two crucial modifications and extensive servicing on the South African Air Force’s (SAAF) C-130 fleet, as well as supporting subsequent in-country modification work.

Marshall previously led a comprehensive multi-year upgrade programme for the SAAF C-130 fleet roughly 20 years ago. The programme entailed the installation of a digital autopilot, flight displays, a navigation systems upgrade, communications and self-defence integration, and enhancements to the electrical generation system. Since the completion of these upgrades, in-country maintenance of the fleet has been performed by Denel (a state-owned maintenance, repair and overhaul facility).

Marshall will initially modify one aircraft, replacing the existing Secondary Flight Display (SFD) and implementing an Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast – Out (ADSB-Out) – an internationally required system for determining and periodically broadcasting the aircraft’s location without the use of ground-based interrogation signals. Following testing and verification of these modifications on the first aircraft, Marshall will also supply Denel with service bulletin kits containing all parts, components and instructions needed to perform the same modifications on four additional C-130 aircraft in South Africa. Marshall will also train Denel and SAAF technicians on the modification implementation processes.

Under the new contract, Marshall will also perform depth maintenance, which will involve comprehensive inspections, repairs, and rectification. The first of the SAAF aircraft arrived at Cambridge on Friday 11th August ahead of modification work.

“We are delighted to have been asked to support the SAAF and Denel with our unique technical capability and platform know-how in order to extend the lifespan of these aircraft,” said Marshall Aerospace Managing Director Neil McManus.



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