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Aviation Enthusiast Gifts for Valentines Day

Pilots and aviation enthusiasts are a special breed they have been drawn into a world that tends to become somewhat of an obsession. It is difficult for the average pilot/ enthusiast to understand people that don’t share their love for flying and flying machines and as a result finding the perfect gift for them is no easy task. I have attempted to help the non-aviation wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend by compiling a list of possible gifts that your aviation mad significant other might appreciate. The “normal” people out there might find some benefit from this seeing that the dreaded St Valentine’s Day is once again upon us.

Aviation themed watches are very popular among the flying fraternity at the moment (these are definitely not to be mistaken for the “flying Watches” that are mentioned later in this article).

EVANS Build-a-watch have recently launched a range of watches that will be a welcome addition to any aviators collection, and if by some chance they don’t have the specific one you want, never fear, they will also custom make a watch to personally match your requirements. . The watches are of top quality, yet in an affordable price range. They are water resistant, yet not water proof.

You can forget to take your watch off in the shower, run in the rain or stick your hand in the bath, the watch will survive. Each watch comes with a 6 month warranty.

EVANS has also released a range of wall clocks which will be perfect for the aviator’s office. Wall clocks can be branded for companies and are 100% customisable to your needs.

Aviation books are always a winner and are generally very easy to get your hands on, your local news agent or book store (CNA, Exclusive Books and the

like) always have a large selection of aviation related books available, if you prefer chatting to an expert in the field drop in at the Aviation Store in Trinity Village Centre on Beyers Naude str Randpark Ridge, The Aviation Shop stocks a large variety of aviation related items from Scale models to Flight Simulator hardware and everything in between.

Garmin recently announce the D2 Charlie aviator Titanium watch which boasts global navigation information, rich and colourful moving maps and a host of connectivity options. Designed with pilots, aviation enthusiasts and aspiring pilots in mind so no doubt it will make the aviator in your life very happy.

The D2 Charlie aviator watch features high-resolution mapping, real-time worldwide weather radar, as well as airport information that include frequencies, runway information, METAR data and more.

The whole range of Garmin Aviation Watches is available from Centaury Avionics as well as other avionics suppliers.

If you really want to treat the aviation junkie in your life, then how about a flight in a historic Ex SAAF T6 Harvard? The Harvard Club of South Africa operates a fleet of ex SAAF Harvards from AFB Swartkop in Centurion.

The flights are about 20 minutes in duration and the pilots will gladly do aerobatics if the passenger feels up to it. For the less adventurous passengers they offer a sight-seeing flight to Hartebeestpoort Dam. This is a gift that will never be forgotten by anyone that has Avgas in their veins.

Helicopters tours are a definite favourite especially for the people living in the Republic of Cape Town Sport Helicopters is one of many operators at the V&A Waterfront that will take you on a scenic tour of Cape Town.

Sport Helicopters also offer an adrenaline packed flight from the V & A Waterfront with spectacular views of Table Mountain, the City Bowl and Robben Island as you take-off. Then experience the rush of open door, low level flying skimming the waves along the beaches of Big Bay and Melkbos with the wind rushing through your hair and the adrenaline pulsing through your veins during the inland simulated combat flight where you will experience ‘combat- like’ maneuverers as if part of the Vietnam war.

If you feel like spoiling the aviator in your life to, arguably, the greatest gift of all, how about a trip to the greatest aviation event in the world?

EAA AirVenture Oshkosh is an annual gathering of aviation enthusiasts held each summer at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, United States. Tours are organised by Air Adventures every year.

I hope this helps to decide on a gift for your significant other, but I must confess this list is pretty much a wish-list for me personally, so good luck with the gift shopping time is short :)


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