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Warbirds over Irene

Irene Radio Flyers hosted a Warbirds and Vintage Plane day at their Club field just to South of Pretoria on Saturday 20 October. The event was planned for the previous weekend but unfortunately the weather did not play along and it was postponed for a week.

The weather wasn’t all that much better on the second attempt, with intermittent thunderstorms which sadly kept many of the participants at home, those that did make their way to IRF got some flying in between the thundershowers.

Irene Radio Fryers has membership of over 140 enthusiasts ranging from Novices to well established fixed wing and Heli instructors. IRF have a very strict policy regarding SAAMA membership and proficiency evaluations. All beginners to the Sport are required to undergo a proficiency evaluation to adequate standard be set before a beginner is allowed to fly on his own without a qualified instructor in attendance, and secondly, that further challenges are set to challenge the model aircraft pilot to improve his flying skills.

Although most of the current members are involved in the MAASA and LSA categories IRF also caters for other special interest groups within the Radio controlled aircraft fraternity, these special interest groups include; Large Scale Aerobatics, Precision Aerobatics and Model Parachute Enthusiasts.

Although the turnout was lower than in previous years there was still a wide variety of aircraft flying and on display.

Johnny Foonk the current chairman of IRF brought along two beautiful Warbirds, a Grumman F7F Tigercat and a Spitfire Mk XIV, the Spitfire is always a favourite with iconic ecliptic wing

Grumman F7F Tigercat

Spitfire Mk XIV

Keeping with the Warbirds theme long time member Dirk van der Bank flew both a P40 Warhawk as well his trusty T28 Trojan, Dirk has logged 1864 fights with the Trojan since its maiden flight in 2011.

P40 Warhawk

T28 Trojan

Martin Venter flew his De Havilland Mosquito, which is in my opinion one of the most amazing Twin engine fighters every built, as well as the all-time South African favourite a North American T-6 Harvard in SAAF livery, Marius Marais flew his Pilatus PC-9.

De Havilland Mosquito

North American T-6 Harvard

Pilatus PC-9

The most modern of the Warbirds was a Aeromacchi MB-339 flown by Ruben Marias, Casper Jonker had just assembled his stunning Boeing Stearman when the heavens opened and ended the flying for the day.

Aeromacchi MB-339

Boeing Stearman

Thanks to everyone at Irene Radio Flyers for the invite and we will definitely like to join any future events.

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