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News Letter 5 July 2018

Good day all

Winter certainly seems to have arrived, although it may feel worse than it really is due to the fact that I was fortunate enough to have spent a few days at Sua Pan where it is definitely much warmer than here in Gauteng.

This weekend MOGAS will be hosting a fly-in at Zandspruit Aero Estate so if you feel like fleeing the cold this is the perfect place to be. The objective of the MOGAS is to advance, promote and encourage the sport of Motorised Gliding in South Africa. MOGAS supports touring motor gliders, light sport aircraft that are also TMGs and gliders.

The SAAF Museum will be out in full force on Saturday at AFB Swartkops, once a month the SAAF Museum fly all their airworthy museum aircraft in order to keep all their pilots current, please join them for a fun filled morning .

Next weekend the sleepy town of Modimolle (Nylstroom) will be shaken to life with the annual pilgrimage of aviators to the Nylstroom Taildraggers Fly-in, This has to be the most popular fly-in in South Africa and is always a lot of fun everyone is welcome even those with nose wheels J

FlySafair cleared of misleading adverting charges

The Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa (ASA) has dismissed a complaint laid against the recent “score a 4” promotion, where the airline advertised the availability of 30 000 airline tickets for just R4.00 including airport taxes.

The complainant, Logendree Pillay, had questioned whether there was proof that FlySafair had indeed sold 30 000 tickets at R4.00, and whether all of these tickets were purchased and paid for by “legit” purchasers.

“It’s no surprise that someone questioned the legitimacy of this promotion, because it was an unbelievable offer,” says Kirby Gordon, head of sales and distribution at FlySafair.

After reviewing all relevant documentation, the ASA found that the advertising was not misleading and dismissed the claim, citing that the authority had been provided with evidence that 32 755 flights had been sold on the promotional offer.

Pillay also took exception to the airline’s "waiting room", a mechanism which randomly selected smaller groups of customers to gain access to their website. This was instituted in order to maintain the integrity of the site under the strain of the massive demand an offer of this nature was bound to generate.

“The commercial in this matter was very clear as to how many seats were available, and how the special and the 'waiting room' mechanism would work. Any consumer listening to the commercial would understand that there is an element of luck as to whether or not one gets picked from the waiting room, and that not every consumer will be able to secure the deal,” the ASA said in its ruling.

“We are very pleased that the ASA’s ruling has officially put to rest any questions members of the public might have had about the processes involved in our annual super sale,” said Gordon.

Source: News24

Sonaca 200 Earns Type Certification

Belgian aircraft manufacturer Sonaca Aircraft announced in a press release that it has received type certification for its Sonaca 200, permitting the company to sell the aircraft worldwide, under its European Airworthiness Certificate.

Harold Van der Straten, the CEO at Sonaca Aircraft, described the significance of earning the type certificate.

“The Sonaca 200 certification application was filed in August 2015 and the type certificate was issued in just under three years after that initial filing. This is an exceptional performance. On behalf of the whole Sonaca Aircraft team, I would like to thank the EASA experts and particularly the DGAC for their advice and support throughout the certification project.”

According to Sonaca Aircraft’s website, the Sonaca 200 is a two seat, low-wing, full metal CS-VLA (Certification Specification for Very Light Aircraft), which can be flown in day VFR conditions only and is not approved for aerobatics. It was developed with input from potential buyers to serve the needs of flight schools, aero clubs and private pilots’ that “other aircraft “have been unable to meet.

“In the context of an increased demand for pilots by the airlines, we are faced with schools which need to replace and expand their existing fleet,” Van der Straten also said in the release. In order to respond to this need, Sonaca Aircraft will have a brand new assembly hall starting next January, which will enable us to deliver over 80 aircraft per year. Not less than 40 aircraft will already be delivered in 2019."

The first Sonaca 200s will be delivered later this year, and two models of the 200 are currently offered for sale. The base Sonaca 200 includes an analogue cockpit, while the second, the Sonaca 200 Trainer Pro, includes a glass cockpit. Base price for the airplane is about $186,000.

South African aircraft manufacturer TAF (The Airplane Factory) holds a 25% stake in Sonaca and had intensive input during the development of the Sonaca 200.

A350 operators to check flight-surface actuator performance

Airbus A350 operators are being instructed to check the performance of electro-hydrostatic actuators for the type's primary flight-control surfaces.

The European Aviation Safety Agency says that some of the actuators, manufactured by Moog, have been found to suffer from degradation as a result of moisture admission.

Consequent weakened insulation resistance in the direct drive solenoid valve, it says, could prevent its being able to command or maintain the actuator in active mode, reducing control of the aircraft.

The similarity of design means all five of the primary flight-control locations – inboard ailerons, elevators and rudder – could be affected.

EASA says the problem has been traced to incorrect sealing. Moog has improved its manufacturing process to ensure adequate sealing and issued a service bulletin. Airbus has also published instructions to restore performance of the actuators.

Operators of A350-900s and -1000s are being ordered to carry out an insulation check of the solenoid valves on each affected actuator, and take action – including possible actuator replacement – depending on the measurement.


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