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The Childrens Nav- Margate 2018

A smaller event to the main annual September event, the Children’s Nav is about giving Children who’ve never flown or seen the Ocean the chance to experience it through the Spirit of Ubuntu and the heart of Aviation.

On the 20th of April, 15 Children and four Foster parents were flown to Margate by a group of pilots who answered the call of our children.

The flight was routed via Witbank for fuel direct to Margate, in the end six of the seven aircraft arrived at destination as scheduled while one diverted to Grand Central due to a toppled A/H, those children and nanny were flown to Durban by Kulula later on and re-joined the party that night.

On arrival Shaun at The Deck Restaurant very treated the children to Burgers and Milkshakes and a Jumping Castle to kick off the hospitality from numerous local helping hands in Margate.

The children were treated to their first sight and swim in the ocean and various fun activities, including go Karting, the crocodile farm, the butterfly farm and other crafts at the Earthworm Back Packers.

On the last night the Children were awarded certificates for their first flight and ocean visit, and they in turn awarded wings to the Pilots.

Cemair Airline very kindly assisted the event by flying 14 of the group home on Sunday due to technical issues with three of the Aircraft scheduled to fly.

A very special thank you to the numerous sponsors, the great pilots and most of all the Children who behaved so well and were a delight to host.

We are very pleased with the outcome and look forward to similar initiatives in the future. Now to prepare for the Childrens Flight 2018.

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Please support all the very generous sponsors of this event

Maranda van Dam, Fancy Incorporated, Event Kit Design and Manufacture

Inkspot - Printing Sponsorship

Ackerman’s Pharmacy - Kiddies Items

Flightline Weekly - Media Sponsorship

Cemair - B190 Flight, Facilitation Sponsorship

Margate Sports Academy - Initial Accomodation Sponsorship

Shaun Haycock - C206 Pilot, Event Kit Sponsor

Warwick Diesel - Transport in Margate Sponsor

Henri Westermann - Lancair Pilot, Standby Accomodation

Oom Nico Smith - C210 Pilot

Adrian Barry of WannaFly - 1000 liters of Avgas

Marcel Myburgh - Socata Rally Pilot

Tristan Brouard - Sling 4 Pilot, Standby Pilot

Oom Bennie du Plessis - Bonanza Pilot, Seat Sponsor

Cemair Crew - Schedule to Margate

Ana Luis - Germiston Children, Mega Sponsorship Organizer, Caps and Model Planes

Melissa Botha, Raising Aiden - Cupcakes

Acorn Foundation - Children and Affiliate Sponsorships

Jose Luis - Event Kits

Nella Luis - Drinking Water

Jorge Luis - Event Kits

Claudio Gaspari - Event Kits

Sue Smit - Acorn Foundation, Mega Sponsor Organizer

Paul McKibbin - West Rand Children

Nigel Musgrave - Safety Officer

Garth Calitz - Editor Of Flightline Weekly

Tziporah Henstock - Children from Jhb

Caylee Oosthuizen - Collection Of Caps, logistical support, lanyards and badges

Antya Roos - Initial Manager Of The Deck

The Deck - Lunch at the Airport

Clint from Kart Freaks - Go Karting

Roy and Debbie from Dolphins pub and grill- burgers at the go karting

Wafflehouse - Waffles for the Children

Earthworm Backpackers - Accomodation

Kart Freaks Trailer Hire - Fund Sponsorship

Blue Chip Flight School - Fund Sponsorship

Eagle Air - Mellisa Nel and Oom Percy Rudman’s Piper Cherokee

Raw Aviation - Mark Miller C206 discount and sponsorship of fund raising.

Trevor Williams - Rockwell Commander Pilot

Beatrix and David Gade - C206 Owners

Ralph Miskey - C206 Pilot

Handre Scheepers - C210 Pilot

Michael Ferguson - Paper Plane, Inspiration

Yehuda Gosher - Shirt Collection

Shirene Watson - Cemair Representative B190

Bianca from Urban Spoon - Catering

Delphine Lewis - Shaun Haycock C206 Sponsor

Brandon - Collection and Courier of Beach Bags, and Cooler Boxes

Christa - C&S Accounting-Margate Treats

Ravi Vansia - Cherokee Pilot

Domonique Dantú - Cherokee Pilot

Kerry Hoffmeyer - Tembisa Children

Justin - Standby Pilot

Mark - Standby Pilot

Daniel Hoffman - Ops

Bertus Wheeler - Flight Follower

Dino Padayachee - Langamed Emergency Response Vehicle at Witbank

Wesley Sampson - Flight Ops Cemair Margate

Vicky Karropoulos - Kiddies Towels

Mannie from Westpack Lifestyle - Kids Buckets and Spades

C&S Accounting- fishing nets and sweet packs

Margate Airport

Erika’s Embroidery - Children’s Nav Beach Towels

Riverbend Crocodile Farm - Excursion

Margate Butterfly Farm - Excursion

Lawyer Duncan Rowe - Legal Team

Zirk van Zelm - Navajo Pilot


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