SAC Gauteng Regional Aerobatic Competition – Vereeniging

22 Jan 2018

Gauteng Regional Aerobatic Competition – Vereeniging

Competitors in the SAC Gauteng Regionals were given a very “warm” welcome to Vereeniging, so warm that the Density Altitude climbed to well over 8000ft. 

 The Flightline

The turnout was great with a total of fifteen competitors taking part in four categories from Sportsman to Unlimited. The competition kicked off with the Ivan van der Schaar who was drawn first up in the Sportsman Class taking to the air in a Christian Eagle.

The rest of the Sportsman Class was made of Dustin Hughes in a Zlin 50, Derek Bird in a Robin R2, Roger Deare in an Extra 300 and Barend Asbeck also using the Robin.

Ivan van der Schaar

Dustin Hughes

Derek Bird

Roger Deare

Barend Asbeck

Intermediate pilots were next to take to the beautiful blue Mid-vaal skies; Adam Pucjilowski in a Zlin 50, Andrew Blackwood-Murray in his Nashua sponsored Extra 300L, Andrew Fletcher in a Zlin 50, Cliff Lotter in his stunning Yak 55 and finally Kayle Wooll in an Extra 300L. The competition between the guys in the Intermediate class was almost as hot as the Vereeniging sun.

Adam Pucjilowski

Andrew Blackwood-Murray

Andrew Fletcher

Cliff Lotter

Kayle Wooll

When it came time for the first of the Advance Class pilots to get airborne the Clouds had started to build to the south of the field, that did not deter anyone and the competition went ahead, the Advanced field was made up by Elton Bondi in his Extra 300, Eugene du Preez Inhis Extra 330SC and Neville Ferreira flying his little Slick 540.

 Neville Ferreira

Elton Bondi

Eugene du Preez

The Unlimited Class was a two way affair with Nigel Hopkins and Barrie Eeles both flying Extra 330SC’s

Nigel Hopkins

Barrie Eeles

Just after lunch the heavens opened for a short while cooling things down for a while, the rain may have cooled the temperature but definitely not the competition, all classes went ahead with their second sequence.


After they last unlimited sequence there was a short break before the prize giving commenced.

The results were as follows


Sportsman Class

1 Dustin Hughes                                                  79.606%

2 Derek Bird                                                       76.420%

3 Roger Deare                                                    70.141%

4 Ivan van der Schaar                                          68.800%

5 Barend Asbeck                                                 51.168%


Intermediate Class

1 Adam Pucjlowski                                              78.777%

2 Andrew Blackwood-Murray                                75.594%

3 Andrew Fletcher                                               74.508%

4 Cliff Lotter                                                       74.247%

5 Kayle Wooll                                                   71.177%


Advanced Class 

1 Neville Ferreira                                               76.646%

2 Elton Bondi                                                     75.717%

3 Eugene Du Preez                                             62.780%


Unlimited Class

1 Nigel Hopkins                                                76.304%                

2 Barrie Eeles                                                    64.717% 

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