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The Hidden Costs of Aviation Studies

Louise Hahn is the Head of Training at Aviation Training

I often encounter the notion that the 18-month time frame in which you must complete your exams is the “recommended” time. It is actually a rather generous time and is the maximum allowed under the law, not a target.

Whilst it is possible to download the syllabus and try and work out what you need to study, this is very time consuming and you will often find that without direction you will waste time studying the wrong thing or not to the required depth. This all comes at a cost.

Let us first look at the direct costs, you will most probably buy a subscription to a question and answer database, you will also need to get your hands on some type of study material. Then you will spend lots and lots of hours researching, Googling and finding videos to explain concepts. The Aviation Training CBT has done all the work for you. Our team of experts has spent years researching and gaining experience in the industry, to compile all the information you require for the exams. There are videos, interactive images, and well as our “pointer pilot” icon that gives you tips and points out areas you should emphasise. For those calculations you are struggling with there are step by step instructions, also with handy tips and mnemonics. Understanding PPL properly will reduce the time spent on CPL, which in turn will reduce time spent learning for ATPL. There is also no need for a separate question and answer subscription because it's included in the CBT.

Then the hidden costs, what does 18 months of accommodation cost you? 18 months of living expenses? 18 months longer to earn a salary. This is a large amount of money, possibly even in 6 figures. How much would you save if you did it in 9 months, or what we think is a realistic time frame, in 3 to 6 months? Where could that saving be used to make yourself more competitive in finding that first job? A twin rating? Perhaps an MCC course?

It is important to remember that the road to these exams is not easy, no matter what method you take you will need to work hard and treat it like you did when you studied for your finals at school. However, we are there to give a helping hand and reduce the time it takes. No one made you study for Matric by giving you a syllabus and “letting you work it out for yourself”.



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