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Sling Squawk March 2022

Howzit Slingers across the globe!

Well, the new year has started and as with all the past years I can remember, it’s started exactly the same. First, with January, then February and now March, but with everyone saying, “I can’t believe it's March already…” Time really does fly. It doesn’t fly anything like a Sling flies, but it does fly.

Although it feels like not much time has passed since my last communiqué, there is a lot to report on. Air show season worldwide has kicked off and since Covid-19 restrictions are a lot less draconian than last year, it looks like attendance numbers are going to be high. Up next for Sling is SUN n’ FUN Aerospace Expo in Lakeland, Florida, followed shortly after by AERO Friedrichshafen in Germany, and then, of course, EAA AirVenture Oshkosh.

Many of you will know that we have been threatening to fly our High Wing to Wisconsin for the last two years but have been thwarted by Covid each year. This year, nothing is going to stop us and to make up for not having a High Wing there for the last two years, we are going to fly two, possibly three, High Wings to Oshkosh, including a taildragger. After Oshkosh, the prototype High Wing will complete its trip back to South Africa via England and Europe visiting Sywell for the LAA Rally in early September, and then a tour of Western Europe to demo the plane to European customers.

For the southern African Slingers who are itching for an adventure weekend away, we have arranged a fun-filled weekend in one of the most remote and inhospitable parts of South Africa. So far, we have 37 Sling Aircraft and 68 people confirmed to join us at the Tankwa Tented Camp in the Karoo Highlands. We have an event planned that we hope will set a record for not only Sling but aviation worldwide. Bookings are still open until Monday but have been filling up very quickly, so if you are keen to join, please drop our Marketing Manager, Shanelle Visagie, an email on and book your spot as soon as you can, but definitely before Tuesday! More details are included below in case you still need convincing.

Other exciting internal news that I'm proud to mention is our new capability on our composite production line. We have invested in Resin Infusion technology instead of wet layup on our High Wing models, and thanks to the significant improvements in quality, we have decided to invest in new moulds for our Sling TSi canopy, undercarriage and wingtips that allow us to resin infuse them as well.

Even more exciting for us is that in a couple of weeks’ time, JP Schulze aka “The Candourist,” arrives to spend three months with us building his Sling High Wing. We are really excited to spend lots of time with him and of course, Linda Sollars, (who needs no introduction) in the lead up to the trip to Oshkosh. Apart from building planes, we are looking forward to cycling trips, camping trips, flying adventures and of course, lots of preparation before flying over the pond.

Finally, very much on our radar is a special visit from a very special pilot and journalist from an even more special magazine in the USA. We are hosting Paul Dye from Kitplanes magazine next month and are looking forward to showing him how we do it in South Africa!

Keep on Slinging!

Andrew Pitman




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