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Exciting Growth of Bell's Aircraft Lineup in the South American Market

For years, Bell has distinguished itself throughout Latin America as a global leader in the rotorcraft industry across multiple market segments. With the emergence of large-scale natural disasters in the region, many customers have turned to Bell to provide them with military fleet upgrades and advanced aircraft to aid during missions that help keep people safe, such as high-altitude mountain search-and-rescue. In turn, Bell has answered the call, time and time again, and has worked to expand its mark across the region.

At the highly anticipated FIDAE 2024, Bell is poised to showcase the Bell 407GXi, Bell 505, and Bell 429—three of its premier multi-use aircraft actively used across the region. Bell will display its brand new Designer Series interior on the Bell 429 for the first time in Latin America.

During the show, attendees can expect to talk with Bell’s multi-mission pilots and aircraft support team about the safety-enhancing capabilities of these vertical lift solutions.

“The demand for Bell aircraft in the region, particularly among military and public safety operators, has seen a significant upswing in recent years. With over 850 operators and nearly 1,400 commercial aircraft in service across Latin America, Bell is committed to meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations by supporting their diverse missions,” emphasized John Ramos, managing director of Latin America. “Our presence at FIDAE is a testament to Bell’s unwavering commitment and aftermarket support for our valued customers.”

With the ongoing boost of Bell operators across Latin America, Bell has established a refined aftermarket support network that works around the clock to provide customers with product support services for its versatile aircraft portfolio, such as specialized field maintenance. The Global Customer Solutions team plans to lead in-person engagements regarding Bell’s regional aftermarket footprint during the show.

The Bell 407GXi delivers impressive performance and fuel efficiency with the ability to cruise at 133 knots. With its Garmin G1000H™ NXi Flight Deck that enhances situational awareness and reduces pilot workload by delivering easy-to-read information at a glance, the Bell 407GXi continues to be an aircraft of choice for search-and-rescue, troop transport, and HEMS missions in the region.

The Bell 407 platform has a well-earned reputation for reliability. More than 1,500 aircraft operate worldwide, and the fleet has over six million flight hours.

With its all-glass Garmin G1000H NXi avionics and moving map display, dual-channel FADEC-controlled engine, and customizable cabin suite, the Bell 505 has become one of the fastest-growing products among Latin American operators as a military training aircraft. As light single helicopters form most of the training helicopters worldwide, the Bell 505 continues to be used to prepare future military pilots for complex missions.

In the Southern Cone, there are more Bell 505s in operation than any other area in Latin America.

As a platform built for rapid response, the Bell 429’s BasixPro intuitive displays, satellite-based guidance system, and wide clamshell doors make it an aircraft of choice for public safety agencies across the region. This dual-engine aircraft allows users to efficiently complete critical public safety missions, such as search-and-rescue operations in hard-to-reach locations.



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