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EAA 322 Fly-in to Fly Inn Estate

In the days leading up to the EAA Chapter 322 the event seemed to take on a new name, it became “Karls Brekie” as it predominately was organised by EAA Stalwart Karl Jensen. The weather unfortunately didn’t share the enthusiasm.

The morning started off with a bank of low cloud rolling in over the whole Gauteng region, everyone expected it to lift in the mid-morning sadly this didn’t happen and many pilots could not get off the ground. This was a real shame as the people at Fly Inn had really pulled out all the stops to insure it would be a day to remember. The airfield had been very well prepared the runway and grass areas resembled well-manicured bowling greens, well done Gabi Venter and team.

Just before 10:00 Derek Hopkins, in his RV8 and Kayla Puzey, with her dad in their C150, took advantage of a slight improvement in the weather to get airborne at Eagles Creek and hop across to Fly Inn, many decided to rather take the safe option and drove in to enjoy the camaraderie these events offer.

As the day went on there was a further improvement but most of the would-be visitors had already given up on flying in. Less than ten of the thirty-eight registered aircraft managed to make the flight. A few Gyro-copters and one trike joined for a quick bite to eat and a welcome cup of coffee.

Some of the Fly Inn residents went out and flew around in the circuit, not venturing too far away as the weather could deteriorate rather quickly. Four Robinson R44 flew in and after a delicious breakfast hamburger available at Graham and Vanessa Richardsons' home, three of them departed together. An Alouette III and Alouette II flown by Rob Osner and Charles Fuller completed the helicopter contingent. Rob and Charles religiously support almost all the locally organised events.

The event although more a drive-in than a fly-in was a great success with everyone that made the effort to be there having a wonderful morning despite the weather, Thanks must go to all the EAA Members that had a hand in organising this event hopefully the weather will play along at the next one.



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