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SAAF Hercules C-130 down in Goma

South African Airforce Hercules C-130 Crash-Lands at Goma Airport in Democratic Republic of Congo.

A UN spokesman stated Thursday that a South African Airforce Military Transport Aircraft crash-landed at Goma airport in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The aircraft is one of 28 Squadrons C130’s based at AFB Waterkloof.

Unconfirmed sources state that the 59 pax and 8 crew were all safe. The approach into Goma is notoriously unforgiving especially in bad weather and the currently there is a torrential downpour at the airport.

The Aircraft's port wing was burning but has been brought under control by the airport emergency services.

Official confirmation from the SANDF

The South African National Defence Force (SANDF) confirms that one of its aircraft deployed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo as part of the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission (MONUSCO) has been damaged after crash landing at Goma on Thursday afternoon, 9 January 2020. The C130 from the South African Air Force was on its way back to Goma after delivering logistic supplies at Beni when the incident happened. Nobody was injured during the landing and a Board of Inquiry will be convened to investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident.

More information will be released as detail becomes available.


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