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Top Gun 2019 - Henley Model Airfield and Family Entertainment

Man oh man , nothing beats the smell of Jet A1 in the morning ! Greeted by warm smiles and a great presence of RC jet pilots throughout the country , sharing a mutual passion for the love of aviation as a whole.

The event quietly started off on Thursday , the 23rd of May , with nothing but some top notch skill , experience , and breathtaking aircraft such as Davon's quater scale De Havilland Vampire , Mephisto , and Neville's turbo prop Skymaster Pilatus PC21.

Following through the event , things had picked up quite a bit on Friday and Saturday as pilots and their trailers arrived with their 'toys,' some serious sport and scale jets. A great time was had by many , the weather played out just fine, and there were no incidents. Definitely one for the books !

A big thank you goes out to the organizers and all the pilots that had participated. Everything from the food right through to aircraft , was nothing short of yet another spectacular jet event !


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