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Centurion Aerospace Village – "Back on Track"

A few years ago the “talk of the town” was the development a 54000m² Industrial Park, purely for the Aerospace and Aviation sector. Bordering on the Eastern boundary of Waterkloof Air Force Base the initial plan was to offer the tenants access to the runway and facilities for the testing of aircraft.

In an address to the media at AAD2018 Lance Schultz, Executive Director CAV , announced that a significant amount of investment is about to be unlocked to support the project. This coupled with the announcement of two new major tenants’ votes well for hi-tech advanced manufacturing cluster reaching its full potential. According to Mr Schultz the question of airside access At AFB Waterkloof is at in a formative stage and CAV are confident access will be approved in the future.

Lance Schultz, Executive Director CAV

The Centurion Aerospace Village (CAV) is an initiative of the Department of Trade and Industry (dti) in developing a sustainable Industrial Supplier Park to support South Africa as a Global Player in the Aerospace and Defence Industries’ value chains thereby attracting foreign & domestic direct investment in the CAV.

The CAV is a Non-profit Company (NPC), an Industrial Park initiative of the Department of Trade and Industry aimed at supporting the growth and development of Aerospace, Defence and Advanced Manufacturing Industries in South Africa.

Intended as Hi-Tech Advanced Manufacturing Cluster and Industrial Park Development with a shared services model and value proposition, CAV is aims to attract and retain foreign and domestic direct investment for both manufacturing tenants and service providers.

The aerospace and defence industries have always been important contributors to the National, Gauteng Provincial and local City of Tshwane economies. The CAV will provide land and facilities as well as services intended to support the tenant partners to achieve economies of scale through agglomeration of suppliers and services, improve processes, increase productivity and ultimately improve the cost competitiveness of our tenant partners.

The objectives of The CAV include:

  • Stimulate economic development by the formation of an industrial park cluster that business will prefer to locate in.

  • Offer a competitive advantage to our tenant partners to enhance their business case.

  • Develop a sustainable supplier base and contribute to the growth of the Aerospace, Defence and Advanced Manufacturing Industry.

  • Attract and retain key industry leaders as anchor tenants and service providers.

  • Develop and mentor SMMEs & Black Industrialists to create opportunities for New Entrants to the Industry.

  • Provide facilities and services to complement high levels of technical competency.

  • Stimulate Hi-Tech innovation and Research & Development.

  • Create economies of scale & agglomeration to develop and sustain clustering effects

  • Promote shared services’ efficiency.

  • Create logistics efficiency through co – location.

  • Allow knowledge generation and spill – over.

  • Facilitate the creation of direct and indirect jobs.

  • Promote local Industry integration into the Global Supply Chain.

  • Improve export performance (by the Aerospace and Defence Industry).

  • Facilitate foreign & domestic direct investment to Contribute to improved balance of payments.

  • Create optimised ‘time and place’ utility.

We certainly hope the project moves forward now, as it is reported that R133 million has already been spent on the project and it is yet to advance past the concept phase.


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