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Brakpan Aero Club Cessna Fly-in

Brakpan Airfield is situated in the centre of the Brakpan, Benoni, Springs, Boksburg metro making it very the perfect venue for a fly-in from anywhere in Gauteng.

The new leadership at the Aero Club decided to do just that and in the process try and get as many Cessna aircraft as possible to join in an attempt to set a record for the most Cessna’s at a specific field at a specific time. The windy conditions unfortunately kept many pilots away.

The invitation was for Cessna’s but everyone was welcome no matter what type you fly. The day started off very slowly but soon picked up speed as the wind died down a bit, becoming a very social event. During the day Raffels were held in aid of the

Pilots and passengers were welcomed with a steaming cup of coffee and wonderful breakfast at the newly renovated clubhouse. The committee at Brakpan Aero Club are working extremely hard at uplifting the airfield and organising events like this one to attract visitors from across the country to this beautiful airfield.

Throughout the day a series of raffles were held to assist the newly formed SAFPU (South African Farm Protection Unit). SAFPU are volunteer pilots who give up their time and aircraft free of charge in an attempt to fight the scourge of farm murders that are plaguing our country. Aerobatic flights as well as a beautiful 3D cake was raffled off.

Just over thirty aircraft flew in to Brakpan for the event of which seventeen were Cessna’s of various models ranging from the large Cessna 208 Grand Caravan to the much smaller Cessna 150 with many models in between. One of the most beautiful Cessna’s in the country, a C195 Businessliner arrived from the nearby Petit airfield, A Cessna 170 and two Cessna 185’s made up the rest of the classic taildragger contingent.

Brakpan Airfield has undergone many changes since its establishment in 1927 and now sports a 1440m tarred runway (18/36) this excludes the 180m stop-ways at both ends, making it an ideal training airport and as a result it has three active flying schools.

Some of the non Cessna visitor included a beautiful Dornier Do-27,a Jodel D-11, a Super Mushshak, a Ikarus C-42 two Van RV-7’s and from the Rotar-wing fraternity an Alouette III and an Alouette II.

Dornier Do-27

Super Mushshak

Ikarus C-42

Vans RV7

Alouette III

Alouette II

A good day was had by all despite the windy cold conditions, well done to the organisers and we hope to see many more events held at Brakpan in the future.

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