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Kroon annual fly in 02 June 2018

This year marks the 8th annual fly in for Kroon airfield. The airfield is located just north of the red and white radio mast. Every year the kroon airfield fly in attracts more and more attention in the aviation community weather you are flying in fixed wing, helicopters or microlights. This is one event not to be missed. As every year all pilots are treated with the famous “Dawie breakfast” for R 50.00 and it is well worth it.

Sunrise over Kroon

The event usually starts as soon as the sun rises. The first to arrive was microlights from Brits .The event took some time to gain momentum and by 08H00 the radio suddenly Came alive with excited voices all flying to Kroon Airfield.

The sky was cluttered with various different types of aircraft all waiting to join the circuit. To everyone’s surprise this year’s Kroon airfield attracted much bigger aircraft than the previous years.

First we had a RV10 followed by a Piper Arrow 3 three RV 7’s and my personal favourite the Comanche. As for the helicopters the Police MD500 and Robertson R44 flew in for a quick breakfast.

Many EAA Members for Chapter 322 decided to join this year swelling the numbers quite significantly, amongst the EAA members was some beautiful old classics like a Luscombe Silvair and a Cessna 170B.

Rosslyn Microflyers a flight school run by Marius who gives instruction on Microlights as well scenic flights over the beautiful Magalies mountain range and Hartbeespoort dam at a fraction of the cost of a fixed wing aircraft. The open cockpit environment offers the best scenic flights as there is no doors, side panels or instrument panel to block the amazing sights this part of the world has to offer.

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