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The SAAF Museum Flying Day

The South African Airforce Museum held their first monthly museum flying day for the year 2018 at Airforce Base Zwartkop in Pretoria. The previous day invited guests were treated to Prestige Day Parade with many SAAF assets taking part in the mass flypast.

On the arrival on Saturday 3 February to gloomy weather, the public who made the early journey to the base were treated to a couple of fly-past by the cockpit ambassadors of the South African Airforce, The Silver Falcons. The aircraft got airborne out of Airforce Base Waterkloof, which is a few miles to the East of AFB Zwartkop. The Falcons were on their way back to their home base in the Western Cape AFB Langebaanweg.

The Silver Falcons

On the completion of the Silver Falcons Fly-past, the Museum aircraft started getting airborne with the Atlas Kudu, with four members of the Golden Eagles Parachute team on board.

Atlas Kudu

Golden Eagles

As the day progressed, a number of Harvard's from both the Museum and Harvard club were getting airborne and taking lucky passengers for a flip. And interesting Museum assets that hasn't been seen flying for a while was the Piaggio Albatross which did a number of Touch n Go's during the morning part of the days flying.


Piaggio Albatross

Many current and ex SAAF chopper pilots were present flying the Puma and Alouette II’s and III’s also giving some fortunate members of the public flips and bringing aviation to the youth today.

Alouette II


Alouette III

Glen “Gringo” Warden did a practice airshow display in the Museum Vampire, one of only two airworthy Vampires in South Africa, this aircraft is a good example of the early jet age, and shows how far the technology has come from those early days.


The one of a kind Patchen Explorer also took to the joined by on of the Museums recently restored Cessna 185's

Patchen Explorer

Cessna 185

Many of the organizations were busy during the day, guiding the public through the Spitfire restoration, The Friends of the Museum and also the local cafeteria The Windsock.

With SAAF Museum Airshow planned for May we looking forward to seeing all the Museum aircraft in action and the Museum hosting yet another successful Airshow.

Keep them up where they belong.


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