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SAAF Museum Monthly Flying Training Day

The South African Airforce Museum held its monthly flying training day on Saturday 7 October.

Notwithstanding predictions of rain and some rain during the night and early morning the flying day started at about 9:00 with the usual parachute display, jumping from an SAAF Museum Atlas Kudu. The clouds had cleared a bit creating the opportunity for a high jump.

This was followed by two Alouette 3 and an Alouette 2 helicopter.

Shortly after they took off a number of Harvards followed. These were the iconic Siyandiza and number 7111 "Nelson".

The two Allouettes practising auto-rotate procedures making for dramatic photographs.

The Albatros of the Museum also did a short display, after undergoing a maintenance service. The Albatros always making for an impressive display against the dark grey clouds.

The Patchen Explorer also did its usual part doing a few flypasts.This was followed again by the Allouettes and the Harvards, a Bosbok and the Kudu.

The day was more quite than usual, with predictions of rain probably keeping the usual number of spectators and visitors to the museum away. For the usual visitors it was as always a great time to get together and to catch up.



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